He had me at “solve the Second Amendment”

Stephen Yearwood got creative with the wording of the Second Amendment and in a article titled “Gun Control: How To Solve The Second Amendment” says:

In my lifetime ‘gun control’ has become as explosive as any political issue in this country can be. To my mind, all we need to do to settle that issue once and for all is to read the Second Amendment and do what it says.

He then parses nearly all the words careful, throws up and knocks down and knocks down four straw men, and concludes the Second Amendment means the states can have militias. He conveniently ignores the word “people” and that all nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices agreed it guarantees an individual right.

If he wants to “Solve the Second Amendment” I suggest he make an appointment with me and start here. If he is successful he can work his way out from there. If not, well… I have lots of land and earth moving equipment.


3 thoughts on “He had me at “solve the Second Amendment”

    • I’m surprised that nobody has tossed Roy Copperude at him, nor seems to have pointed out that it’s nonsensical to have a 1st Amendment right for individuals, a 3rd amendment right for individuals, a 4th amendment right for individuals, etc., were they are all restrictions placed on the powers of the government, and then right in the middle of them they grant to government the power to arm people fighting for them. I didn’t see anything about 10 USC 311 (a), either.

      I would post, but discus hates me / my browser.

  1. The first amendment protects 5 rights, including ‘the right of the people peaceably to assemble’ the second amendment protects 5 rights, including the right of the people to form armed militias, outside of government control.

    1st = peaceable assembly protected. 2nd = other-than-peaceable assembly protected.

    The second amendment protects my right to keep arms, my right to bear arms, my right to a free State, my right to secure the freedom of that State, and my right to try to participate in a militia without government interference.

    Of all the enumerated rights, statists hate the ‘right to petition the government for a redress of grievances’ the most. Second most, they hate the right of individuals to participate in an armed militia.

    Carving the second amendment down to just an individual RKBA is still a major win for the totaltarians.

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