Epiphany (not the Cristian feast / celebration): a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious of, something that is very important to you.

They can be useful. When the world seems to be going utterly insane, and you wonder why it’s not all making sense, and you get an insight, a realization, that makes all the pieces fall into place. You gain clarity. Sometimes its an almost religious experience. It might be nothing more than the realization that… you are not alone in seeing what you see. The moment the little boys shouts out “But the emperor is naked!” and nobody in the emperor’s retinue is close enough to beat the kid into silence and word spreads.

Everyone has that point where the “obvious” is no longer “crazy” and becomes “true.”

A FOX news headlines shout “Charlottesville white supremacist rally blamed for 3 deaths, 35 injuries.” Oh no, that’s horrible! many exclaim.

Then you come to find out that two of them are from a crashing police helicopter. The third was from a guy driving through a crowd that was armed and violent, after the police not only failed to protect the marchers, but were actively helping the Antifa, and the government had done their best to deny their free speech rights. More here and elsewhere.

(short background: they applied for a rally permit, got shot down because of the content of their speech, went to court, got it reinstated. Come the time for the rally, they were not protected from the Antifa counter-protest, but actively herded through it, then the police vanished. The cops were, to all appearances, in collusion with the armed and violence Anti thugs trying to shut down a permitted and lawful free speech rally. I.i., they are obeying orders of their left-wing paymasters. Now questions are rising about the actual identity of the driver (false flag? in any case, the pieces presented as “known” are very inconsistent). All the violence was initiated, as usual, by the left. All the news headlines are misleading.

People are starting to notice, and suddenly go “waiiiittt a minute… maybe they are NOT being honest in their coverage!” and they start not believing anything the media says. And the more hysterical the media gets, the more they double down, the more obvious it becomes, the more people look at their friends at work and quietly go “do you believe any of this crap? No? Me neither.” The nod their heads at the HR meetings, and quietly think to themselves that it might be time to vote differently. And they hope, they pray, that it’s still not to late for votes to matter, because the next steps are really, really unpleasant for all concerned.


10 thoughts on “Epiphanies

  1. I don’t believe any of it. I don’t believe we even know who was protesting in the first place. I haven’t seen them come put and identify themselves nor their purported cause. So far the only thing reportedly being advocated was the retention of a statue of Lee, and a vague, unexplained reference to “heritage” which means nothing, or anything, depending on the listener. “Heritage” (who’s heritage, what heritage?) is no different than “Hope and Change” (hope for what, and change from what to what?) or “Fundamental Transformation” (from what to what?).

    None of the meaningless terms are different from “Make America Great Again”, either. MAGA’s definition would depend exclusively on the individual’s notions of what it was, specifically, that ever made America “great”, and at which undefined point in history.

    Fuck all of you; if you can’t spell it out, then you’re my enemy because I’m on the side of absolute clarity.

    Without a public declaration of a group’s motivation and specific cause, they’re all bullshit, and probably on the same team.

    So unless you can be crystal clear on your motivations and exact cause, fuck all of you. I’ll assume your all on the same side, which is the cause of chaos for the sake of chaos. Thousands of words I’ve read, all with no real clue as to what this was about.

    I want nothing to do with any of you, on either supposed “side” until you can bring yourself to fucking SPELL OUT, IN CLEAR AND CERTAIN TERMS, FOR ALL TO SEE, WITH NOTHING TO HIDE FROM ANYONE, what you’re advocating. Most of you couldn’t do it if you tried, without stumbling, fumbling, and showing your hypocrisy and ulterior motives.

    • And for some people, that attitude is what brings them epiphany: the lack of clarity on the part of anyone. Everything is muddle and murk. The one thing that becomes clear is that uncertainty is deliberate; the “explainers” obfuscate on purpose, making words lose meaning, erecting a Tower of Babel at every crossing. So people pull back, become righteously skeptical of everything.

      Very chaotic times we are in. Very.

  2. Note parallel history: about the third and fourth decade of the USSR. What happened when the average Russian began to know that Pravda lied a lot? The Soviet Deep State doubled down, locked up all oppo journos, established the Gulags, killed millions.

    Don’t think it can’t happen here. We are on a 4-year hiatus in the “Progress” of the Deep State, but they aren’t beaten by any means. Liberty has NOT been restored, as Charlottesville certainly demonstrates.

  3. The guy in the car drove at high speed down a crowded street until he hit another car hard enough to trash his front end and push the other car into yet a third car. It remains to be seen what he thought he was doing, but he was not just innocently trying to pass through the crowd.

  4. I see Joe is still okay with his co-bloggers carrying water for Nazis. It makes me sad.

    • I’ve been out in the mountains of Montana without cell phone and only occasional Internet connection for days.

      Who are these Nazis? And did they break some law for which they should be prosecuted or something?

      • Distasteful but not illegal. You know, there’s is nothing wrong with disliking Nazism, Nazis, Communism, commies, anarchosocialism and its would-be practitioners, other violent and/or racist ideologies, and while I’m not going to punch them, I do not have to like them, be polite to them, or defend them.

        I watched all the video I could find of the automobile killing in Charlottesville and it’s not justified. Murder or manslaughter, the court will decide that (the charge, last I read, was second-degree murder, but the Press doesn’t always get that right and definitions vary from state to state). But the guy is a killer and making excuses for his actions — other than on the part of his attorney — is simply standing up for a Nazi. Why do that? Give him a fair trial and, if he is found guilty, take him out of society forever. I’m not obliged to be fair and I am not minded to give Nazis (etc., see above) the benefit of the doubt when there is so much evidence; the courts will do that, no matter what my opinion or personal judgement is.

        I’m all out of empathy for these totalitarian types who want to re-order society, no matter what flag they wave. Left, Right? Who cares; if you’re out to push people around, I’m not in favor if it and I don’t care about your reasons for it.

        • I haven’t seen the video. But if it is as you describe, and I generally trust your judgement, I agree with nearly everything you said. The only disagreement might be that the penalty for the conviction is probably less than “forever”.

          Rolf, any updates you want to share from your viewpoint?

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