Interesting law suit

From the top headline at Drudge this afternoon, comes a story about a guy suing the Republican Party for fraud. He donated significant money because they ran on the “Repeal Obamacare” platform and are now clearly not interested in fulfilling their promise.

The suit will probably never go anywhere, but it is worth noting. I’m not sure which is worse, or which is more likely to get results; all of us suing each other rather than accomplishing anything, or shooting each other rather than accomplishing anything.

The Republicans will, in any case, add the word “Replace” to the word “Repeal”. If they end up doing that, we won’t get repeal. Instead we’ll get some equally horrid, government-managed, socialistic and equally unsustainable (but I repeat myself) pile of feces, and then claim that we voters got what we wanted. Later they’ll blame us for their bullcrap.

So no; I will no longer use the term “repeal” and neither should anyone else who believes in liberty. Instead use “Laissez Faire”, which would require a repeal of not only O-Care, but all the rest of the federal shenanigans surrounding medicine. The medical industry is a price-inflated, over-complicated mess because of government interference, so get rid of the interference.

But, oops; Trump has been outspoken as an advocate of “Single-Payer” (commie care) which has been the pipe dream of the Progressive Marxist revolutionaries for generations.

Still, I advocate laissez faire. At least let the individual states destroy their own medical industries – We know they are capable of doing that without federal help.


6 thoughts on “Interesting law suit

  1. I have no personal problem with helping those who have legitimate problems. And we can litigate that term, but for now: The problem is government trying to replace civil society. Government is not civil: it is naked force. I have practiced medicine for 48 years. Government has not helped.

    • I have long respected Dr. Margulies, and he is 100% correct. Government has done just about everything possible (short of killing all the doctors) to destroy the medical system that once was the envy of the world.

  2. It’s veterinary medicine, and we’re the dogs and cats, owned by the faceless, unelected anonymous, unaccountable heartless bureaucrats. We won’t be beloved pets, we’ll be the chickens from Zacky Farms and Purdue.

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