It will always be relatively easy

Sebastian has interesting comments on his site about this video:

See also my blog category of Smart Guns.

People who demand all guns must be “smart” must fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • They are evil and are deliberately attempting to raise the price and restrict the exercise of specific enumerated rights.
  • They have intellectual capacity asymptotically approaching that of a fence post.
  • They believe technology is some sort of magic that can do anything once someone figures out the proper technological incantation. They cannot comprehend there are certain things that are physically, or for all practical purposes, impossible. Engineers/scientists (I have been both) are able to things which is indistinguishable from magic to the general population. This does not mean they do not have very real and impenetrable boundaries they must operate within.

Such people should be politely informed they are wrong, mocked, scorned, and prosecuted. In that order.


4 thoughts on “It will always be relatively easy

  1. “Owning a magnet is not a crime.”
    “When guns smarten up, only magnet owners will have guns.”
    “Guns don’t kill people, magnets kill people.”
    Josh Sugarman’s new organization Magnet Control Inc. is embroiled in legal action with MCI, the telecom corporation over trademark violation.

    • And it will always be relatively easy to overcome smartgun controls because the original non-smart guns were made to operate after they were dropped, run over by a car, dropped in water, left in an oven, or run without grease.
      Unfortunately, Leftist, anti-liberty elected officials, have found that their ability to make anti-liberty laws is about as robust, and they can function with a similar lack of smarts.

      • To the average leftist, guns are a magic box, a cargo-cult object of hex-induction. Er, something like that. It’s a mystery. They do not understand how anything mechanical, electrical, or electromechanical actually work. People who design / build them are shamans, and they be told to change their incantation to make them work differently; if it doesn’t work, it’s just because of wrong-think on the part of the acolyte, and punishment must be administered.

        I.e., they have crap for brains, and can’t understand the explanation for why their goal is stupid any more than we can understand the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon.

  2. “They are…deliberately attempting to raise the price and restrict the exercise of specific enumerated rights.”

    And that makes them not only wrong, or wrong and evil, but criminals under 18 USC 241 and/or 18 USC 242.

    There is no reason why we should tolerate criminals in our midst for any longer than it takes to identify and locate them.

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