Quote of the day—Jeffrey C. Dege

Yes, there are people who are terrified of guns, but that is their problem, not ours.

I’m not suggesting that we be argumentative, but I am suggesting that we shouldn’t hide. Every time we act as if gun ownership is something to be embarrassed about, we help convince the people in the middle that the anti-gunners are right.

Jeffrey C. Dege
Epiphanies and gun rights
[I have some “conversation starters” on my desk at work:


When someone asks me what I did over the weekend or a holiday I tell them about the match I participated, the ammo I reloaded, or the preparation work for Boomershoot I did. When friends come to the house to visit I show them my reloading bench. And I take new shooters from work, friends, and family to the range.

Be out, proud, safe, and sane.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jeffrey C. Dege

  1. That’s a very thought provoking post. Even though my shooting habit is an open book via my “online” life, and I don’t make effort to hide my identity. I’ve gone back and forth on outing myself at work. I did just as you described years ago, and even took a bunch of coworkers to the range. After that it became a topic of discussion. I even had coworker who would introduce me to new hires, and even potential hires, with the info that I carry a gun so they better not piss me off. (He’s a former Marine.) Others in the office started picking up that habit. We eventually had a long talk about that.

    Things have died done recently, and it’s a private discussion matter with a few select folks. Although our CIO announced it at a managers meeting, frightening my newest director. Now I overhear discussions between a few of my staff regarding their gun interests. One has even apparently been a bullseye shooter since she was six. Now I am torn about sharing.

    • I put down that sort of thing immediately when it happens. Most frequent is people saying something about explosives and bombs. My response is, “We don’t use the ‘B’ word. They are reactive targets.”

      In regards to shooting someone it usually something like, “No, please don’t say that. That is a very serious topic and it’s not funny.”

  2. The “Better not piss him off” comment smacks of “This is Steve, he’s gay, so you better not bend over in front of him!”

    Both statements can be made with either good or ill intent, but never could either statement be considered professonal.

    Like the LGBTQ community, polite correction of rude behavior is a very good way to win over hearts and minds.

    The same goes for the anti-gun “Ask” campaign where they request their acolytes to inquire about firearms, and how they are stored when entering a new home.

    Again, could be meant well, or for ill, but it’s a really rude thing to ask of who is like a stranger or new acquaintance.

    • That’s a really good analogy, and making that analogy as part of the response is likely to help the other person understand what is wrong.

  3. About that issue of fear, which touches on most all issues;
    Fear, or “triggering” or worry, or taking offense; any such weakness is seen by the leftist agitators as strength.

    The feeling of victimhood is their currency.

    The coveted status as Exalted Victim is thought to empower a person to near totality. You cannot criticize the Exalted Victim, or argue with him, or even silently disagree, nor ever question him, for that would make you a bigot.

    Thus, if you own a gun and your gun makes any one person nervous, it is your fault, your are a terrible person, and you are obligated to back off, go away, sit down and keep quiet. You are an outlaw in the sense that anything done to make YOU suffer is justified and even virtuous.

    It is your political allegiance. If you’re on the wrong side you can never be a victim even if you’re beaten, robbed or killed. It is Social Justice. In the mind of the leftist, the same holds true regardless of the issue.

    One of the ironic aspects of the “victim = power” ruse is that the leftists have been trying as hard as they can to MAKE people fear guns. Thus if anyone is to blame for frightening other people, making other people dependent, and so on, the left has far more guilt. They specialize in fear and hate mongering, for only the emotional, ignorant, dysfunctional wreck of human being will want more government intervention and coercive redistribution. It’s all about emotion as a replacement for objectivity and moral consistency.

    “Be out, proud, safe, and sane.”
    Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Otherwise I agree totally. Therefore I would say;
    “Be out, be confident, be cheerful, safe and sane.”

    If confidence and cheer turn to pride, we are no longer on the right path. Let the other side be proud, and watch them fall.

    It could argued that most of the suffering in your life is, directly or indirectly, the result of pride, but that’s for another conversation.

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