8 thoughts on “Mocking gun controllers

    • It’s difficult to explain without descending to vulgarity that I do not want to inflict on this blog.

    • If a gun makes the guy uncomfortable then he isn’t a real man and should find someone who is who can protect him.

      At least that is the basics of how I interpreted it.

      • Ok, that’s one interpretation. But it could be read as a slur against gays, which is a thing to be avoided.

        • Hmmm… I don’t see the slur. But you are correct in that such a thing is inappropriate.

        • I don’t see it as a slur against gays. I see it as a righteous put-down of a weak man. She wants a real man, and he needs someone to protect him, but no respectable woman would have him. Maybe he’d have better luck switching teams.

          • It struck me as something that could be interpreted either way. And given that the enemy likes to claim we’re anti-just-about-everyone, it’s worth aiming to be unambiguous.

          • I’m inclined to be clear enough that people in their right minds will understand the truth and let our enemies demonstrate their insane hatred.

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