Dr. Joe’s Cure may extend your life

Dr. Joe’s Cure for Everything may help you live longer:

Scientists have uncovered the first biological evidence that frequent bedroom activity boosts lifespan by protecting our DNA.

The study focused on telomeres — protective caps on the ends of DNA — that predict a person’s biological age.

Thought of as tiny internal clocks, they shorten with time and eventually become so small that cells die.

Shorter telomeres have been associated with aging, disease and a higher risk of death.

The researchers found women who had sex during the course of the week-long study had telomeres that were up to 30 percent longer.

But relationship quality had no effect on them.

Scientists did not study men, but believe an active love life would also add years to their lives.

I’m thinking they should add nuns, Catholic priests, monks, and prostitutes into their study populations.

In the mean time go with the best evidence to date and don’t be a science denier. If you want to have a better chance at a long and healthy life take Dr. Joe’s advice.


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  1. I don’t think I’d use the High Priests at the Vatican as my control. They seem to be plenty active.

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