Quote of the day—Fred Schwaderer

I have a plan.

1.) Institute a ban & buy back for “play army” weapons.
2.) Automatic 5 year prison sentence for any “responsible gun owner” whose weapon is stolen because they failed to secure it.
3.) Mandatory reporting of any stolen, lost or destroyed weapon to police.
4.) Mandatory gun accident insurance on each and every weapon any person owns.
5.) Background check and 10 day waiting period for EVERY change in gun ownership.
6.) Enforce all gun laws currently on the books.
7.) Have the Supreme Court codify the meaning of “a well regulated militia”.

That’s my plan.

Fred Schwaderer
July 1, 2017
Comment to Democrats should rethink their support for gun control
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Fred Schwaderer

  1. Fred, your plan reveals that you have crap for brains. Thank you for your time.

  2. I kind of like the “cooling off” period in 5: “10 day waiting period for EVERY change in gun ownership.”

    I don’t know how many times I’ve sold a gun in haste and immediately regretted it. This would force me to really consider whether I really wanted to sell a treasured firearm to fund the latest shiny gewgaw.

  3. Thus it is that the more ignorant the person, the more room she has to feel superior.

    Apparently Schwaderer missed the fact that his proposed authoritarian, anti human rights measures have been enacted, over and over throughout history and around the world, with disastrous results. That, or he is fully aware of those disastrous results and lusts for more of them.

    Mainly, I believe, he just wants to feel power, something for which the authoritarians often accuse gun owners.

    “Automatic prison sentence”

    OR ELSE WHAT, Mister Schwaderer?

    There’s always a threat of violence behind a leftist, Marxist, Progressive authoritarian proposal, is the point. Individual authoritarians may have little or no understanding of this, but their proposals always follow the same basic pattern. It starts with a presumption, or fantasy, of absolute power, resulting in exasperation over WHY THE HELL that power isn’t being used to its utmost.

    Like this guy, darling of the Progressives, George Bernard Shaw;

    “Just put them there”, he says. Or else what?, I say.

    You and what army, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Schwaderer? Are you willing to die for your master plan, because I’m more than willing to kill you (and the horse you rode in on) to stop it.

    When your fellow countrymen want you disarmed, they mean to have you killed. They themselves may not even realize it, or ever admit it if they do realize it, but they want you dead or as a slave. They are typically cowards, and expect others to do their killing for them, but they mean to kill nonetheless.

    The Fabian Socialists were open about their intent, and their hate was transparent, which makes them fairly rare among the power-seeking criminal class– Authoritarians typically hide behind a veil of lies and misdirection.

    It takes on different styles and timelines, but the basic pattern is always the same. If unchecked, that pattern WILL play itself out, regardless of the intent or rationalizations of its (witting or unwitting) proponents.

    At its basic essence it is the criminal mind, lusting for the support and authority of law, of the officialdom of the State, so as to justify its criminal actions, even making such actions appear wholesome and beautiful.

  4. It occurs to me #2 means either a clear double-standard (Probably this) or whenever officer clueless leaves a pistol in the bathroom/rifle on trunk whoever finds it gets to decide if they want to cut them a break and tell them about it or make it disappear and stick them with 5 years.

  5. “pepper” fred schwaderer’s ass w/ rock salt. a load for each ample cheek. that’s my plan. let the dumb fuck show up on my front porch …. now, that would be funny.

    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon

  6. Of course we should also ban children from carrying guns, because nothing good can ever come from that. Oh.. wait.

  7. “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    Get officials to follow the constitution; fire officials who refuse. That’s my plan.
    Everybody gets the same treatment and special consideration that cops, judges and politicians get.

  8. I want to add to Lyle’s comments about their obsession with using authoritarian statements like “mandatory” and “automatic” which sound just like a dictatorship edict. Prison for non-compliance.

    This is exactly why we have a Second Amendment.

    The plan of the Founding Fathers is that we shoot people like Fred Schwaderer when they try to implement such draconian disarmament or restrictive regimens.

  9. He would argue that he doesn’t want to take away your guns. After all, he proposes a buy back which will compensate you (a few pennies on the dollar) for them. No “taking” here, no sir!

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