Gun cartoon of the day

Via email from Oleg Volk we have this:


It’s a twofer! Markley’s Law and advocating violence against political opponents of the left.

It’s very telling that we have SCOTUS decisions and they have childish insults and advocates for violence.


5 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. There’s no sighting system on that rifle. Surely one must be able to hit one’s target if one is to boost the percieved size of one’s penis.

  2. The suggestion to attend a Trump rally is another cure for TCS, in the pig’s mind, not an invitation to violence against Trumpistas.

    Markley’s Law is interesting, in that the insulting suggestion that one’s “manhood” is affected positively by owning firearms is indeed true, just not in the way suggested by Markley practitioners. If dicks got bigger from buying a big gun, many Americans would spend their days tripping over themselves.

    However, own a firearm, experience the exercise of an important, individual human right, realize the necessary safety actions involved with gun ownership, take active steps to improve your use of the potentially dangerous tool that is a firearm, become more situationally aware as you own and carry a firearm, and you become a “bigger,” that is, a “better” person. This isn’t exclusively a male reaction or outcome, it works for any, type of sexual identity/orientation/naughtybits.

    For whatever perverse reasons, leftists make dick jokes over gun ownership. I suggest they follow Markley’s Law because leftists think such individual personal improvement is wrong somehow, maybe because of their own, deep-seated inadequacy from surrendering to collectivism.

    • It’s been pointed out that the left is (a) making jokes equating firearms with dicks, as well as (b) trying to disarm everyone. So by their own definitions, they are trying to castrate everyone.

  3. Curious — do other readers experience the vertical smooshing of images on this blog, when viewing via cell?

    That’s what consisently happens from my end, sadly limiting my ability to read gun comics.

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