And their point is?

From The Washington Post:

The gunman who opened fire on a GOP baseball team in Virginia had a local storage locker with more than 200 rounds of ammunition that he visited daily, including less than an hour before he shot more than 60 times at the team during a morning practice June 14.

I sometimes reload 200 rounds in the morning before I go to work. And then I shoot that many or more at the range at lunch time.

This explains why he got so few solid hits. He didn’t practice enough. But they don’t even suggest anything along those lines.

[sarcasm] I wonder what their intended point is? [/sarcasm]

To me this demonstrates their ignorance and/or maliciousness.


9 thoughts on “And their point is?

  1. So he just visited the locker? To look at the rounds? That might suggest he has an ammo fetish…

  2. did he also visit a coffee shop, toilet, gas station…
    In my neck of the woods, 200 rounds is out of ammo..

    • Me too. Last week I was down to about 1000 rounds of practice ammo and was feeling a little bit of stress to finish off reloading the match ammo (I have about 5000 rounds of it now) and get back to reloading practice ammo. I’m back up to about 1500, and climbing, so the stress is easing off some now.

  3. Easy enough to see that the WAPO was insinuating that such a ‘large’ cache of ammo is just too dangerous to contemplate and Something Must Be Done!™

    I say that it’s more concerning that he was noted to be frequenting the local YMCA.
    *Gasp! Horrors* Just what nefarious activities could he have been up to there?

    • In MA (where the TV I watch is broadcast from) anything over 2 guns is called an “arsenal”.

      • I no longer attribute this to ignorance, or even stupidity, but to pure malice aforethought.

  4. Democratic Party terrorist shoots at a baseball field full of Republicans, using a semi-auto carbine, and yet he kills no one before he is put down by cops armed with pistols.

    If these little cretins continue to ignore the rule of law, it will end badly for them.

  5. Agitprop.

    Their point is; he was more of a gun guy, and not so much a leftist, Progressive hater of American principles who listened to too much Democratic Party rhetoric and took it seriously.

    They’re putting him in our camp. Enough people will grab onto the gun guy assertion that their reporting will have “made a difference”, as those in journalism like to put it.

    It would be better if the guy had been an NRA member. The next time a Progressive Marxist takes up arms against Republicans, he needs to get an NRA lifetime membership beforehand, just to help out The Cause. The media would love, love love that. Clearly the guy wasn’t too bright, otherwise he’d have though of that himself.

    I’m not convinced that I know the meaning of the fact that he had several minutes with a long gun, and fish in a barrel, and apparently wasn’t able to kill anyone. It could be due to a total lack of gun handling skills, combined with no understanding of anatomy, combined with extreme emotional agitation. Then there was the Kehoe Brothers shootout with the cop, wherein two people emptied their auto-pistols at each other from approximately ten feet away, and no one was hurt.

    So I’m reticent to point out the perp’s lack of training and practice, in a public forum, which could lead to more of these communist pawns, the Progressive’s useful idiots taking up arms and learning to shoot. We used to make fun of the stupid jihadis and their amazingly poor rifle skills, too, and now they’ve managed to infiltrate and colonize the entire Western World.

    Let’s not jeer at ths one Democrat tool. They have lots of others, they are sometimes capable of learning, some of them are already experienced killers, they understand the phrase “The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend”, and I don’t want to see us eating our words a few years from now. They also control some WMDs and much of our infrastructure.

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