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Most passengers were shocked to learn carrying live ammo and guns in baggage is permitted.  And now terrorists are fully aware of this startling gap in US airport security.

January 11, 2017
Passenger Group Calls for New Airport Security Measures by Airlines, TSA and Airports
[Are they also “shocked” to learn we have a specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms? If so then perhaps their educations are severely lacking.

What I am shocked about is that despite all the evidence that “gun-free” zones are hazardous and the abject failure of TSA we still are prohibited from carrying guns on our persons while on airplanes. It’s the right thing to do.—Joe]


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  1. Hmm, anyone with half a brain could have looked this up already and figured it out… I guess they were too busy running to Starbucks, watching teen moms on MTV, or keeping up with the Kardashians… Bread and circuses…

    • Just remember to use frangible ammo, no point in poking holes in a perfectly good airplane.

      • There are two aspects of holes and airplanes. One is the possibility of a hole in some important system (like a hydraulic line). That would be annoying, those those pieces are redundant, and (except in the DC-10) routed some distance from each other. The other is a hole that lets air leak out. But air leaks out of an airplane at all times — there’s a valve for that purpose to deliver controlled ventilation. If you poke a bullet hole in the fuselage, that valve will close down slightly to compensate. The “explosive decompression” theory appears to be an urban legend; I think Mythbusters actually tested this and confirmed it isn’t real.

        Would frangible bullets frange on the inner skin (the plastic trim) of an airplane? Or even on the aluminum outer skin? Given that a lot of supposed low penetration bullets happily go through sheetrock walls in tests, I wonder if there would be any difference in outcome.

        • A square, direct hit on light aluminum sheet? I don’t care if the bullet magically turns to fine powder in a millionth of a millisecond upon touching something; that much mass in a small package at around sonic speed is going right on through.

          The frangible bullet is designed to prevent ricochets in urban environs upon hitting concrete and suchlike. If you have a shoot out in a plane, you’re going to poke holes in it. Big deal. A few holes never hurt a plane. Look at some of the WW II planes that were shot up to Swiss cheese, whole sections missing, engines blown apart, and still landed OK.

          This whole “explosive decompression” thing was invented by the idiots in Hollywood and then promoted by the perpetually apoplectic left who think TV and movies are real. It’s fake news. Stop talking about it.

          The pressure differential at cruise altitude is only about 5 psi anyway. With a dozen little bullet holes in the plane, you’d hardly even notice. One or two? Forget about it.

      • At least one pilot (one of those very rare armed ones), has blown a hole in the cockpit outer skin at cruising altitude, while doing some sort of mandated holster kabuki routine. Maybe 5 years ago.

        Padlocks locking guns into holsters is a very stupid idea.

  2. The takeaway is that any remaining freedom we may have, in addition to being a “loophole”, is now also a “gap in security” from which others have a “right” to be “protected”.

    So don’t you DARE talk about your so-called “constitutional rights” while our kids are dying, you bastard! We know it’s just a cover-up for your intolerance, your small penis, and your xenophobia anyway! Allahu Akbar!

    (See? I can talk like a mainstream Democrat as well as any)

    • Well done, Lyle! It’s amazing that these morons can carry on for YEAR’S without a basic conception of their surroundings, and quite happily, and with no misfortune befalling them. And yet, they are horrified and shocked when this gap in their knowledge is pointed out to them. “What! Tanker trucks carrying gasoline deliver to the station next to my child’s school!” “What! You can sit next to me on a bus carrying a gun and I wouldn’t even know about it?” “What! You can legally put your safely-packaged gun-sourdough starter-jar of grandma’s pickles – frozen botulism bacilli – in checked baggage?”

      And to FlyersRights, which is probably funded by Bloomberg, the terrorists are already fully aware that firearms are legal in checked bags. And so is TSA – the “gap” is completely transparent to anyone with any interest at all. So what’s next – will I have to endure a background check each time I want to check a gun onto a plane?

      • Background checks are the magic talisman du jour for total safety and security, at least until it’s been applied to every situation the anti-liberty hoplophobes can apply it to.
        I think the next step will be either escorting the person checking a gun for air transport off the airport property, or requiring that it be shipped via air cargo, like FedEx or DHL or UPS.

      • So what’s next – will I have to endure a background check each time I want to check a gun onto a plane?

        No, you’ll have to do the background check when you try to pick up the luggage at the destination. And then there’s all the transfer fees for all the background checks for each person the handles your luggage.


  3. What astonished me are the large number of Morons who can’t realize that baggage claim is outside of the secure perimeter and has to be.

  4. Like anyone can’t just walk into the doors (that open onto an unsecured street…) and open fire?

    Oh, yeah, that “Guns Prohibited” sign stops ’em. My bad.

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