This is what progressives think of you

From The Atlantic:

Those of us who know our whites know one thing above all else: whiteness defends itself. Against change, against progress, against hope, against black dignity, against black lives, against reason, against truth, against facts, against native claims, against its own laws and customs.

Interesting perspective.

How very inclusive.

As I have often seen at Instapundit:


5 thoughts on “This is what progressives think of you

  1. Keep accusing me of being a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and eventually perhaps I may become one. Of course, that’s what they want anyway – you can’t prop up the progressive narrative on lies and innuendo forever. Eventually they need some actual examples to point to.

  2. The politics of interest groups is the antithesis of the politics of individual rights.
    And interest group politics are the Democrat’s only politics.

    When you are an interest group of smaller and smaller value to the Democrats, like African-Americans, because of your decreasing demographic power compared to other interest groups like Hispanics, you should realize that only the politics of individual rights will be of any value to you.

    I for one look forward to the Republican Party messing up its opportunity to destroy the politics of interest groups by failing to enlist African-Americans, and for that matter Hispanics, in the politics of individual rights.

    • Individual versus group politics is an interesting point. Just a day or two ago I watched this:
      One of the point the researcher (Michael Woodley) made was that sometimes there are periods when traits good for the individual are selected for, and time when traits good for the group are selected for. Right now we are in a time where utterly selfish genes (think low-IQ crack whore with ten babies by ten men living on welfare and tricks) can be highly biologically “successful” by having ten kids that live to adulthood (that’s horrible for the civilization and the hard-working tax-payer that limits themselves to two kids they can afford, given the crushing tax load). Today, those “dysgenic” genes can thrive. But in the 1500, the tribe supporting childless geniuses was relatively selfless but made the “tribe” strong, but the crack-whore welfare strategy was much less successful.

      As they say, listen to the whole thing.

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  4. It seems plausible that the original claim is entirely true — if you limit its scope to the people who work for Atlantic.

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