Disarm Hillary’s bodyguards

From Stephanie:


There is some nuance needed here.

I don’t have a problem, in general, with Hillary having bodyguards. But as long as she is advocating the disarming people who can’t afford bodyguards or have bodyguards paid for by taxpayers then she needs to go without hers.

She apparently does not understand she is applying for a job as a public servant. By constitutional design there are no job openings for rulers in this country as she appears to think there are.


10 thoughts on “Disarm Hillary’s bodyguards

  1. Any person holding public office (and any protective staff for such a person) should be limited to those personal arms available to the general public in his/her place of residence and place of work.

    That rule, rigorously applied, would disarm all government officials in may-issue states, as well as all Federal officials (since DC does not honor the right to bear arms).

  2. friends:

    personally i don’t think hilary’s old & ugly & fat marbled hide is worth any more than mine. if she gets body guards, i get mine …. in this case, me.

    as long as she is armed, so am i. and, as a matter of fact, i will stay armed even if she gives her armed guards up. personally, i think my ornery old hide is worth more than hers, and most certainly is to me. so, i will stay armed.


    john jay

    • Stephanie, you spelled “Hater” wrong. 😉
      As to your inspiration source, they are acting the same as always.
      Leftists seek to bell the cat, or that is their expressed intent, but instead they are declawing all the mice.

  3. I think your desire for nuance could be quenched by adding the word “first” to the end of the line.

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