Quote of the day—Chelsea Karthauser

I’ve been trained for bear encounters. So if we see a bear, what you need to do is, gather around in a circle with me in the very center.

Chelsea Karthauser
May 17, 2016
Guide for Gastineu Guiding in Juneau, Alaska.
[We went on a hike to see a glacier with Chelsea (her nickname is Whalebait, interesting story on how that came about).

If you ever get the chance ask her about the time she fell off the trail in the snow, lost almost everything, including her shoes, was saved by Devil’s Club, made her way around the mountain to the tram, where people took pictures of her but wouldn’t help her.

We enjoyed our hike but most of the time we could have easily mistaken the scenery for that which we could have found with ten miles from home. We could have seen the glacier with a ten minute hike instead of a three hour hike. Now, the people from Texas, Arizona, and Florida saw some things quite different from their home area.







Thanks Chelsea.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chelsea Karthauser

  1. joe:

    when younger, spent 7 months on the bering, in and around the bering sea. volcanic ash on the decks, on occasion. very pretty. it gets to you. i’ve never forgotten, and the memories are very fresh.

    i live now in n.e. oregon, at the foothills to the blue mountains. it’s home. the lefties had best not forget that.


    • Lots of lefties in Oregon! The one good thing about lefties is that they really like their wilderness and they like it kept wild.

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