Quote of the day—Basepaul Season @paulbensonsucks

@NRA @Bradybuzz there would be 0 child gun accidents if we banned guns which is the good thing to do

Basepaul Season @paulbensonsucks
Tweeted on April 12, 2016
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Basepaul Season @paulbensonsucks

  1. I think it would be more true to say:
    There would be 0 child gun accidents if we;
    a) banned guns,
    b) sent armed men to search EVERYWHERE to seize and destroy all the existing guns,
    c) wiped the knowledge of fire, Boyle’s Laws, metallurgy, ballistics, polymers, wood carving, electromagnetism, kinetics, and half a hundred other sciences from the minds of EVERYONE,
    d) crossed our fingers and wished REALLY hard.

    When kids in the projects can make a gun from a car aerial, a nail, a rubber band, and some duct tape, I think the wishing part is the only thing that might work (if you believe in magic).

  2. We banned murder, rape, assault, car theft and illegal drugs and they all have been totally eliminated! Er wait, no they haven’t.

  3. I can’t think of any of my child guns (younger than about 6 years old) that have had any accidents. The older ones, particularly the WWII veterans – well, you have to keep an eye on them. Their sears get worn, they get arthritic in the firing pin springs, etc….

  4. This guy is the curator of some twit anime collection and is a huge Taylor Swift fan – I think the depth of his IQ can be plumbed pretty quickly…..

  5. Hey, neat. So if “We” can make a law requiring all households to have at least one flying unicorn, then the skies will be filled with unicorns, and rush hour traffic will be alleviated, thus saving thousands of lives from traffic accidents.

    But wait; who is this “We” person and where did he get his magic powers? Apparently he can ensure that no one will ever, ever die so long as all of us bow down to him and raise him up in absolute power. No wonder the Progressives hate us, if they think their god, We has all these capabilities and that libertarians are somehow standing in His way. I’d hate us too, if I believed that We were capable of such wonders and only a bunch of mean, stupid, backward people were standing in His way.

    If the libertarians could all be eliminated, a paradise on Earth could be established and We would reign forever in peace, light, prosperity and harmony. I tell you; that’s the hypnotic suggestion, or something very much like it, that lives in the minds of the Progressives and other authoritarians.

    They’d not try to articulate it, even if they had the ability, but it’s there. Sometimes little bits of it spill out though, and so we have this quote from Basepaul Season.

    We has the ability to end child death entirely (along with all suffering and discord) and yet who stands in the way? You and me and the NRA and anyone who believes in liberty. Therefore, if you believe that kind of horseshit, it would make sense to eliminate all opposition by any means necessary and as soon as possible. It’d be the good and right thing to do. Hail We!

  6. I’m reminded of a TV movie I saw, decades ago, about a housewife who became a marathoner. At one point, she runs away from a potential attacker; she is later told that she could reduce such risks by not running at night. She retorts: you know, you’re right! I WOULD have less risk of attack if I didn’t run at night. I’d also have far less risk of getting raped if I wasn’t a woman, and I’d have ZERO risk of getting killed if I wasn’t alive!

    Saying we must get rid of all the guns, because accidents exist and Are Bad, is something like saying that some men are rapists, therefore we must cover up all our women from head to toe to remove temptation. In both cases, you’ve decided that a small number of crimes require throwing away the rights of an entire population. Pretty silly idea, huh?

  7. Ah, yes. The mind that doesn’t recognize unintended consequences, opposing opinions, or trivialities like human nature.

    Magical thinking at its most jejune, like the tweener who thinks she can solve the world’s problems, if only everyone would just cooperate and do what she told them.

  8. No children ever died by the sword in ancient times…oh wait, there was that incident in Bethlehem.

    No children were ever sacrificed in ancient times to Moloch (or today, for that matter by abortion).

    I beat $100 that this moron thinks abortion is awesome and protecting children with firearms is an abomination. For liberals, up is down and opposite day.

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