Reasonable conclusion

I love humor where someone literally interprets something resulting in a completely different message.

From Steve at work who found it on a Facebook page for police officers and former officers (Steve is the latter):



9 thoughts on “Reasonable conclusion

  1. As I was walking in the Post Office the other day I saw a sign on the bulletin board that said “Wanted For Sexual Assault”. The first thought that went through my head was “There’s job openings for this?”

    • Pulled into a small neighborhood, a sign on a power post said “Slow Children Playing”. First thought that went through my head was “If these kids are so slow, should they be playing near fast moving traffic?”

      Second thought was “If these kids are so dim, should they be out without supervision?”

    • AuricTech: no, in that case it would have a silhouette of a Glock 7. From Germany. It’s a porcelain gun, so it doesn’t show up on your airport X-ray machines… and it costs more than I make in a month.

  2. My local Austin, TX, credit union has these signs on their front doors. Here in Texas, a specific sign with 1″ high, contrasting colored letters using specific wording has to be posted outside businesses to opt out of concealed carry by CHL holders, and another similar sign to opt out of open carry by CHL holders.

    When I asked the branch manager about it, she told me the signs were put up at corporate insistence. And that several of her tellers had informed her the signs were not legally binding to stop concealed carry by licensees.

    Which told me that her credit union does not oppose concealed carry, and that most likely, several of her tellers came to work armed. I like my credit union even more now.

    The signage works wonders to make PSH anti-gunners feel good, and everyone else knows they are meaningless, so it is a win-win all around.

    • They should have written the law to say that those signs that carry the force of law be marked as such, maybe they should be issued by the state, complete with a serial number, and those that are just homemade crap be marked that they do not carry the force of law. Zero potential confusion, but most Texas CCW holders are smart.

      It is so sweet that PSH insist on signs that will not deter armed killers and will not inhibit good CCW holders either. As you said, it’s a win-win, but more than that, it points out how stupid and emotional the PSH anti-rights people are. It is a meaningless gesture and they must know that on some level or are they that dense?

      • I think it’s a combination of being that dense and, because they simply don’t have to follow that particular law (because they aren’t carrying a gun, it doesn’t apply to them), so they think that placing a sign actually works. Of course, if signs actually worked, no one would ever speed on the highway.

  3. The local post office has a similar sign, indicating a dislike of short-barreled revolvers. Clearly, the people who work there are highly opinionated gun enthusiasts. Fortunately, they display no open hostility to Glocks.

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