Quote of the day—Sean Quinn

Kelly and Giffords, both gun owners themselves, actually do not support “gun control” in the traditional sense of the phrase. Instead they are in favor of “gun responsibility.”

Sean Quinn
Staff Writer
Essex News Daily
August 20, 2015
Former WO astronaut lobbies for gun responsibility
[It is an interesting sequence of names these type of people use:

The general trend is they used to openly state they wanted to ban guns. Then it was just “control” them. Then it was “prevent gun violence”. Then their goal was “gun safety”. And as of yesterday we know the next deceptive phrase they are going to use to try and infringe upon our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms is “gun responsibility”.

They should just give it up. We aren’t going to be fooled by this attempt to sucker us either.—Joe]


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  1. The original statement is of course a lie. What these dishonest people actually want is gun ownership for them and their friends only — but not for the rest of us. Why that is so important to them is a closely held secret.

  2. Some people will.

    This once again is trying to couch the debate as you are against “”something good””, thus must be a monster. So Joe you are against responsible gun ownership? Read that last statement, its confusing as hell and misleading, just as intended. It can be taken to mean you don’t like gun ownership or maybe you are for irresponsible ownership. They did it before with other catch phrases and this is the latest attempt, and a really good one to boot.

    We need to come up with a good response fast, and get ahead of this nonsense, especially on the Twitter cespool.

    Sugestions? Ideas?

    • “Be a responsible gun owner. Take safety classes and join the NRA.”
      “Be a responsible gun owner. Use a good holster.”
      “Be a responsible gun owner. Know your target and what is beyond it.”
      “Be a responsible gun owner. Practice frequently.”
      “Be a responsible gun owner. Vote for freedom.”
      “Be a responsible gun owner. Support the 2nd Amendment.”
      “Be a responsible gun owner. Encourage friends and family to take safety classes, join the NRA, and practice frequently.”

  3. Joe, you’re correct about that – but the typical low-information voter probably will be. As Mr. Chubbins says, we need to have a better response.

    Maybe something along the lines of “OK, fine, who will *teach* gun responsibility? After all, that is not innate knowledge, but rather something that must be learned, like not playing in traffic……OH, how about the NRA, which has been teaching the safe and responsible use of guns since 1871 ??”

    Might follow up with a link to NRAinstructors.org, where they can find the nearest NRA Class….

    Just a thought…..


  4. Previous comment should have started with “…We aren’t going to be fooled by this attempt to sucker us either….”

  5. “They are in favor of ‘gun responsibility’.”

    As in, the only “responsible” action is to keep we unwashed masses from owning guns.

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  7. But they say that they don’t want gun bans.

    They say that they only want common sense gun laws like Great Britain and Australia.

    Gosh — why won’t we believe them?

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