Quote of the day—David Hardy

On January 14, 2013, Brady boasted that the incident had raised $5 million for it..

But if you look at Brady’s IRS Form 990 report, its total fundraising for 2012 was $4.8 million, and for 2013 was $4.2 million. (That’s gross: net would be those figures minus fundraising expenses of $1 million and $800,000 respectively). So the surge in funding Brady claimed was in fact more than it brought in total for either year in question. And the 2013 claim was that the cash had come in “since late December (2012),” but in fact 2013 saw a fundraising decline of 13%.

David Hardy
July 4, 2015
Brady Campaign puffs smoke regarding fundraising
[You should not be surprised at this. The anti-gun crowd and the Brady Campaign in particular have a long history and culture of lies and deception.—Joe]


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