Everytown for Gun Safety numbers

From an amicus brief filed in Peruta v. San Diego:

Everytown for Gun Safety is the largest gun-violence-prevention organization in the country. It has over 2.5 million supporters, including over 275,000 California residents and the mayors of over 50 California cities.

Those numbers seem high. I wonder how they are defining “supporters”. They only have 639K “likes” on Facebook, 48.2K followers on Twitter, and 736 followers on Instagram so I’m extraordinarily suspicious. I would bet they are fudging their numbers like the Brady Campaign did.

Any suggestions on how to get some solid numbers?


16 thoughts on “Everytown for Gun Safety numbers

  1. It’s a lie anyway, and a lie within a lie at that. The NRA is true violence prevention and it’s much larger, with actual membership numbers and not imagined “supporters”.

    If they told the truth they’d have to call it something like “A Few Towns Against the Safety of Human Rights”. Their name alone is “holographically” dishonest.

    I keep asking; does free speech mean you have the right to wage war against human rights in general? Where does free expression (of hatred for the very principles that founded your country) end and sedition begin?

  2. Lyle struck straight to it. They lie. All they do is lie. Misdirection, emotion and lies is all they have to go on. The NRA states over 5 million members, but can we prove that? The NRA does not release it’s membership list either. But at least they do not lie!

    • In theory the NRA could release it’s membership info. Or could have some 3rd party look over the membership list.

      However, note that the antis did not use the word “members” let alone “dues paying members”. They used “supporters”

      • Yep “Supporters” could even include illiterate tribesmen in Botswana that in THEORY might declare Michael Bloomberg a God if they realized he existed.

        They use weasel words that have no meaning so that A) People will subliminally substitute words that make sense and have real meaning as they read or listen, and B) So they can never actually be called on the lie that they are overtly telling.

        And in the end, why would they care? The media is still carrying water for them so their lies will be published wholesale with no scrutiny, and if it makes them a single donation it’ll all be worth it.

        I mean gun laws are the most liberal they’ve been in 50 years nation wide, gun ownership and active carry is the highest its ever been in the history of the nation, and violent crime is down to levels not seen since (can you believe it) the “Progressives” first started pushing gun control out to the cities and suburbs of the North since it was Beta tested on the Blacks and Indians in the Jim Crow south.

        They are actively trying to revert this country to a point in time when it was most racist, and unsafe….and we wonder if they would bat an eye at inflating membership numbers?

    • I’m guessing that you could determine membership #’s of the NRA by looking at the dues paid each year, or the number of subscriptions for their various membership magazines. Those numbers are available to the public, I think, due to the financial laws they work under. This is why the gun-grabbers, and politicians, don’t question their political muscle.

  3. “Everytown for Gun Safety is the largest gun-violence-prevention organization in the country.” Please list all of your gun-violence-prevention programs, and any successes associated, therewith.

    Is it perjury if they lie in an amicus?

  4. If it is perjury….It’s “obviously” the NRA’s fault…….
    Yeeaaa…. That’s the ticket….

  5. I’m pretty sure that those numbers are correct. If you take the number of supporters for which there is photographic evidence in their images of various rallies they’ve had, then multiply by a factor of 12.2 zillion to account for those “supporters” who were running late or had to drop the kids off for soccer practice on the way in, then add a correction for those who stepped out of the photo for a sec to get a Starbucks, I’m sure you’d end up with their count.

  6. Also, it has been said by people smarter than me, paraphrased; my rights are not subject to a majority vote. Basically, if I was the only person in the United States of America who wanted to own and carry a firearm, I have the absolute right to do so.

    This is not a beauty contest where their feelings, opinions, and a simple majority rule the day if the judges do not like my swimsuit choice or my answers about ending world hunger.

    The serious reality is, the un-American despots who want to take away my rights have zero moral authority or say in the matter.

    • You’re right, our unalienable rights do indeed exist outside the will of the majority. I believe Tam said something much like this: ‘I don’t care if every other gun owner on the planet went out and shot someone last night, I didn’t, so piss off.’

      • Yes, thank you. That is the quote I was thinking of and alluded to. Could not recall (I read far too many blogs).

  7. The answer is simple. A guncontrol idiot counts as zero.

    Multiply that by their claimed numbers to discover how much they matter.

    • A certain Joe Huffman once said, “A thousand uninformed opinions count as one”, but I like your valuation better.

  8. Perhaps they count any Twitter account that re-tweets any of their posts, without regard to intent (i.e., a free citizen who re-tweets one of their posts to mock it is still counted as a “supporter”).

    I would like to see them meet my membership-discount standard as an accurate gauge of their support.

    We pay membership dues. They (over)count Facebook “likes” (I suspect that anyone who “likes” a single Facebook post from Illegal Mayors from Anytown Against Gun Ownership is included in their inflated totals).

    • I’m thinking that certain answers in “Push Polls” count as supporters, too.

  9. Well it’s more believable than Elliot Fineman’s 14 million supporters based on a ‘complicated formula’. When MDA -IL testified foragainst IL CCW, they claimed 3k supporters. They did this by adding the ‘likes’ on their 3 different FB pages.

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