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  1. On the other hand, stopping the distribution of surplus military toys to police forces would be a good thing. This is the “militarization” that some politicians pretend to deplore, in spite of the fact that they themselves brought it into existence. But yes, they are right to regret those decisions. Better late than never.

  2. Look on the bright side. When things come apart, it’ll be a lot easier to liberate them from your local police station than it would be to steal them from a military base.

  3. Why are we giving MRAPS and select-fire weapons to the police anyway? I thought that surplus milspec stuff like that was supposed to go the the Civilian Marksmanship Program for folks like us to buy!

  4. So anti-rights cultists equate firearms to male genitalia, but then turn around and say that banning firearms is equivalent to “growing balls”?

    How on Earth does that make sense?

    • “Growing balls” is of course a euphemism for finding the courage to act, or to stand up for one’s principles.

      The interesting point here is that the radical leftists refer to “growing balls” or getting up courage, or other similar terminology when it comes to raising taxes, spending more on socialist programs and generally infringing on and violating human rights. THAT is what they deem courageous.

      This goes along with my repeated assertion that both the champions of liberty and the champions of tyranny see themselves as would-be liberators or freedom fighters– Both sides in this war desire “freedom”.

      One side wants the freedom to live and create and uphold the principles the American founders valued, while the other side wants the “freedom” to use the power of coercion to mold, shape and control society.

      When we deride the Republicans for lacking courage (or “balls”) then, we should check ourselves, for one must first have a clear set of principles and goals before one can be said to be a coward for not defending them. We too often make the mistake of assuming that the Republicans have principles, or that, of they have any at all they are similar to ours. Only after you have conclusively determined that someone has a clear sense of principle can you decide whether or not they have any courage to apply to that principle.

      Without principles, the subject of courage never comes into play.

    • If I may play devil’s advocate for a moment; the contradiction you see there does not exist in the leftist/Progressive/communist mind. In the mind of the enemy dupe, the desire for a gun is proof of cowardice– You’re so afraid of the world and people around you that you feel the need for the gun, see? Only a grinding, pathological fear (or hatred) could drive you buy a gun, stock ammo, and learn how to use it.

      THEY on the other had are vastly superior to you in every conceivable way, including the fact that they don’t have the trembling, paralyzing fear (or consuming hatred) they see as requisite for gun ownership. M’Kay?

      THEY are peace-loving and compassionate, while you are a gutless (dickless) wonder acting out of paranoia and thus endangering your neighbors and society at large (probably out of bigotry as well, but certainly out of cowardice and stupidity in any case).. You’re AFRAID of homosexuals, black people, brown people, Muslims, women, paying taxes, and Soviet invaders on parachutes, and so on, and the more you assert otherwise, the more proof that is or your fear and bigotry. QED.

      The circular logic wraps up nicely, so shut up – everything that comes out of your mouth is poison, and so the first amendment certainly cannot be said to apply to the likes of you (does my right to eat require me to eat poison? No!).

      Forgive me; I was a leftist dupe myself once, so Left-speak is my first language (and I speak it very well too, even if I do say so myself).

      • A nice look inside the liberal mind. Thanks.

        Of course, the whole liberal mindset collapses when the reality intrudes and a criminal kicks in their door to steal, rape, and murder or a jihadi terrorist starts shooting up the place and they are defenseless.

        Of course I am fine for them to live in their unicorn fantasy world, so long as they do not intrude in to mine. That is the issue though. They are obsessed with forcing me to adopt and accept their “morality” and erroneous worldview. So, we will remain bitter enemies. Me trying to be left alone and them trying to control me.

  5. He’s absolutely right. In fact, we should ban anything and everything that could be harmful. Like booze! Let’s ban that and then no one will drink any more!!

    Oh, wait…

    • Alcohol simply wasn’t banned hard enough the first time around. With modern surveillance technology, modern policing, neighbors informing on neighbors, better education, better communication between the medical profession and government, better funding and more resolve, we can make it work this time. Yes We Can!

      We just need to grow some balls, and then we can build a Brave New World, a New World Order, a Thousand Points of Light, Fundamental Transformation!

      It will be Glorious, my friend! Just imagine; all people working together in harmony toward a common purpose, only for the Common Good, directed by all the smartest people on the planet— No crime, no dissent, no sickness, no want, only progress, justice and brotherhood among all peoples…

      And all we need is the courage and fortitude (to create an all-powerful, omnipresent, global police state and to purge the planet of all non-believers, questioners, doubters, thinkers, doers, and anyone they may have associated with, either directly or indirectly, at any time).

      The American Founders were all about freedom, no? Then let’s take the freedom to do these things, and stop restricting ourselves to adherence to an out-dated constitution.

  6. If he is referring to Leftists , Progressives and other “human” vermin I will have to agree.

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