Speaking of stupid

How can they think this makes sense?

In the swirling controversy of the tragic death of New York City Police Office Brian Moore who was shot last week in Queens, the gun used to take his life has been tied to a pawn shop burglary that occurred in Perry, Georgia in 2011. The incident has Georgia, and many other states, under intense scrutiny for their gun laws and ATF oversight.

A NYC police officer was shot with a stolen gun from Georgia four years ago and people blame the gun laws in Georgia for the shooting. What gun laws do they think would have made a difference?

Senator Chuck Schumer is not a stupid guy, yet:

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer has since asked the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms to expand their firearm trace program.

The gun was stolen! How does he expect the ATF to trace a stolen gun? He has to believe the general population has crap for brains.


9 thoughts on “Speaking of stupid

  1. He is a liberal, so it is certainly possible that he’s stupid. But you’re right, in this case the best assumption is that he’s malicious.

  2. He does believe we have crap for brains. All progressives believe they are smarter than the rest of us and should, therefore, rule us because they know better than we do how to run our lives.
    The there’s also the part about how, by being in positions of power, they annoy the country and become rich at our expense.

  3. “the general population has crap for brains”

    They did elect him.

    • Anymore, the fact that someone is in office does not rise to the level of proof that a majority of voters made it happen.

  4. How could gun restriction laws prevent the theft of a gun from a pawn shop?

    Easy; if there hadn’t been a gun in that pawn shop, no one could have stolen it.

    The main point is that the question has nothing to do with the actual criminals, or the actual killing of people, and most importantly it has nothing to do with human rights, self defense, defense of liberty or the constitution. It’s a trick you see, and all of us fall for it, in some way, nearly EVERY time.

    Why are people on the left doing and saying such stupid things on such a regular basis? IT WORKS!

    And, again and again, I point out that a suggestible person can be made to do and say the most idiotic things imaginable, AND believe that it’s his own idea, AND defend it under any scrutiny or inquiry. Remember the man who put his shoes on the wrong feet?

  5. I echo Carl’s comments that “progressives” believe that they are smarter than the rest of us and should be allowed to govern those of us who comprise the unwashed masses, lest we hurt ourselves under the proposition of self-government.

    Sen. Schumer knows well enough, I believe, that the ATF cannot trace a stolen firearm, but to his base and to those who think like him, such a call makes “perfect sense” (parenthesis mine). Thus, the illusion to his followers that he (and by extension, those like him in Congress) are “doing something.” In other words, as Paul says, above, he is comments are laced with malice.

    Progressives who rally and call for stricter gun laws as a resolution to street violence, never seem to be able to respond to the proposition that since we have outlawed certain drugs, how is it that we still have a “drug problem?”

    • For that last point, that’s because they don’t want to admit that the drug laws are the one and only cause of the “drug problem”.
      On the gun laws point, the whole idea is to make “legal guns” be non-existent. If all guns are outlawed, then you wouldn’t see them in stores. But more importantly, you could just lock up anyone who happens to have one. That means you don’t have to worry any longer about annoying subjects (err, citizens) disagreeing with you, because you can just force them and they won’t be able to do anything about it.
      Read Matthew Bracken’s “Enemies trilogy” to see how this plan plays out when you run it to its logical conclusion.

  6. I believe the relevant term is scapegoat. Shumer would like to punish the pawn shop owner for the crime of having that firearm stolen from his shop. When there is an intractable social problem, it is much easier to punish a scapegoat than to try to realistically address the problem. All gun owners are in the chosen class of scapegoats. It is very dangerous to be part of a designated scapegoat class.

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