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Guns and ammunition need to be regulated on performance and capacity and not styling cues. Limiting weapons to single shot breach loaders would keep the second amendment happy (and save a bunch of lives).

December 17, 2014
Comment to Why Shooting Victims Can’t Win Lawsuits Against Gunmakers
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. I’d take comments like that a lot more seriously if they were pushing to, for instance, make single shot breech loaders protected. They won’t, of course, because it’s not about “people should be able to have”, but “Here’s an absurd position to distract everyone.”

    • Some people do, certainly, but what’s usually being left out of the debate is the inescapable fact that the violent criminals, the really, really bad ones, CANNOT be restricted by mere laws. Restrictions weaken the law abiding, while empowering the outlaws. That’s their only possible effect, and I maintain that it’s their only goal.

  2. Why stop at breech loaders? Why not restrict the law abiding to muzzleloaders? The tyrants and criminals will of course have any form of modern military weaponry they want, while the law abiding will be limited to muzzleloaders, and THAT will “save a bunch of [criminals’] lives”.

    Once the true purpose of the 2A has been acknowledged and understood, the motives of the antis are instantly revealed– They want a safer operating environment for tyrants and criminals. There’s no escaping that conclusion.

  3. friends:

    they are not against guns, they are against us …. they simply want to institutionalize their power and position. they will keep their minions fully armed, should they disarm us.

    but, i am afraid that the wanna be tyrants are sorely mistaken if they think that a society & populous without legal firearms is “disarmed.” (leaving aside the issue as to how they are going to collect the guns we have.) 1.)we can make them.

    and, 2.)we really don’t need them to fight effectively. think about just one bit.

    firearms are not the only tools that are available to us. and, if we need them badly enough, we can simply kill those who have them to get them. but, to fight effectively against tyranny we have many weapon. truth for one. will, for another. and, bravery does not hurt.

    but, on the less poetic side, there are lots and lots of tools available, and they are pervasive in society, and all around us. look in your kitchen. look at the propane trucks that drive the highways. lots of things go “boom,” when the boom is initiated correctly. personally, i think an 1 1/8″ box end wrench an effective tool, as is a broadhead arrow on any number of “delivery systems,” …. , just a piece of dowel, for instance.

    and, finally, there is one other tool in our arsenal, which is almost irresistible. and, that is, we simply must determine, at whatever cost, to disobey unjust law, and to refuse to pay for our own tyranny via taxation. a simple refusal to work brings the whole house of cards down on the back of any tyrant.

    as does laughter, contempt and ridicule. you don’t believe me? look up nicolae ceausescu. absolute ruler, until laughed out of business, hunted down, and killed by firing squad against a wall two days later. his wife died beside him, dressed in furs.

    look it up.

    john jay

  4. Single shot breech loader? How about a GE Gatling Gun. A whole group of single-shot breech loaders, spinning at what, 16,000 rounds/minute or something?

    If you pass a law to ban something, we’ll figure out how to get around it, LibTards. ‘Cause we’re a lot smarter than you.

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