Quote of the day—Brian Keith

I am a walking no-violent-crime zone.

When I carry a handgun, I ensure the safety of all of those around me.

I don’t replace the police- far from it. I’m the guy you want around when evil strikes so that everyone can stay alive long enough for the police to arrive.

Brian Keith
December 13, 2014

[This was part of his speech at the #IWillNotComply rally in Olympia.

Brian sent me an email a couple days after the event. Part of the email said:

Maybe I’ll get to meet you at the next gun rally. I know my Dad and I would have liked to shake your hand, as we read you almost every day.

I thought about using your bigotry meme as the main theme for my speech.

I went instead for the “I own guns” theme as it is accessible without much thinking.

I did add the bit on at the end about two guys holding hands or an interracial kiss. That definitely comes from reading you.

I almost had tears rolling down my checks from reading that. I can’t begin to say how rewarding it is to make an influence like that on people.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brian Keith

  1. Awesome. Great from start to finish.

    I would like to amplify the bit at the very end;
    Leave us alone, get off our backs as recognition of human rights requires, and we can go back to minding our own business.

    In other words; don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.

    There is an obvious aggressor in this conflict, maligning and harassing, fining, jailing, and even killing, innocent people for no other reason than that they’ve exercised a constitutionally protected human right. That attacker, that aggressor, that perpetrator of violence upon innocent citizens, is the anti-rights movement, the Progressive ideology. It is the Democrat Party and Progressive Republicans, the “community organizers” and the busybodies like Bloomberg and Allen, Obama and the Clintons, and those who support them. People who cannot mind their own business, but must always be minding the business of other people, are aggressors, spoiling for a fight.

    Those people claim to abhor violence, they claim to be fighting against violence, yet everything they do and everything they want to do involves ordering other people around, impugning, blaming people, threatening them, stirring up racial tensions, treating citizens like inmates in a prison, coercing and redistributing by force.

    If you listen to them describe themselves in polite company, you’d think they were the most peaceful people on Earth, but if you look at their actions, and their desires for more actions, you see them for the bandits they are.

    And we are in part to blame, for we have in past decades encouraged, emboldened and promoted such criminal aggression through undue tolerance and capitulation. We’ve participated in training generations of aspiring pirates that if they wrap themselves in a cheap cloak of “good intentions” we’ll invite them into our homes and businesses, our institutions of learning, and into our halls of government, where they can plunder at will. We have taught them this. It’s been up to us all along, and so it is time to change the lesson plan.

  2. You should feel good about it. You’re the Good Guys, you (and others here) have good things to say. It’s easy for me to feel well, surrounded by others who are freedom minded. For others you’re like Radio Free America, letting folks behind enemy lines know they aren’t alone. Merry Christmas, y’all!

  3. I wish he would have said “I carry a handgun IN A HOLSTER.”

    Unfortunately, just carrying a gun isn’t enough. Plenty of guys carrying unholstered guns have been an additional danger to those around them.

  4. I have used your Just One Question many times in online debates about gun control, and like you, have yet to receive an answer.
    So, you should feel good. You have added to the cloud, as it were, when it comes to the thought processes used in the debate about hand weapons.

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