Quote of the day—Femitheist Divine (Krista)

It is a proposed global initiative for population reduction which will, in a few decades, lead to a worldwide male population of roughly one to ten percent… This population reduction is the only logical long term solution.

Our plan is one of pacification and submission and many of these short term solutions are already underway in the western world so we are confident in our ambitions.

You can’t stop us, and you will not define us, so don’t even waste your time.

Femitheist Divine (Krista)
October 7, 2012
[H/T to Glenn Reynolds.

It has to be a joke, right? Maybe it started out that way. But I don’t think she is joking anymore.

Evil does not come in the packages presented to you by Hollywood. Evil isn’t required to have a long black mustache to be twirled by the villain. Evil doesn’t have to wear jackboots and use a swastika as their symbol. Evil doesn’t always wear a mask and have Jack Nicolson’s animated eyebrows.

Although it is frequently implemented from the muzzle of a gun evil doesn’t arise from it. Evil arises from the ideas of people. Freedom of speech and thought are far more risky to society than the right to keep and bear arms.

“Pacification and submission”? I think that is what ISIS say they are doing in Iraq right now.

This is the risk you take when you cede power to a central authority. Their master plan is one that benefits the masters. It may not be packaged and sold that way but that is the way to bet it will turn out.

What if someone proposed a similar plan to reduce the worldwide Jew/black/female/whatever population by a factor of 5 to 50 of the present values? Why is there no outrage similar to what would happen in those cases? Would anyone even hire someone like that for anything more than manual labor?

And some people think there is a war on women.—Joe]


15 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Femitheist Divine (Krista)

  1. If this weirdo were serious about reducing the worlds population, they would reduce the number of females.

    • Well, reducing the population growth rate, anyway. But TV and education seem to both dramatically reduce the number of children women have, too.
      There are always people out there who thought processes make The Twilight Zone seem normal.

  2. Funny how they talk about getting this underway in the Western world. Why not start more with a little more ambition? Let’s see how well your story sells in Saudi Arabia. Or Qatar. Or Iran. Or even Pakistan.

    Then again, maybe it’s all part of the plan. Either way, I’ll be in the garage casting lead.

  3. This bs bothers me a lot. Essentially what she is saying is that in the not so distant future she wants to start murdering male kids. Not only no, but f@€k no.

  4. My guess is it’s either satire (bad satire), trolling (seriously? do you expect to be anything but ridiculed?), a viral trailer for a movie on par with Sharknado, or this chirply little clueless southern-belle ghit has swallowed the hard-left feminazi propaganda so deeply she a mindless drone one step shy of being beyond redemption.
    Most likely trolling, trying to get guys to say stupid things, attempting to stir up (further) animosity and division between the sexism warriors.

  5. Huh….I don’t know whether to ridicule her or fear her.

    Normally, that accent would have my drooling and trying to make coherent sentences and hoping she can read the ribbons on my shirt.

    But what’s she saying….she obviously didn’t go to an SEC school.

    Would it be crass to suggest that she didn’t get spanked enough by daddy growing up?

  6. Sounds like Hate Speech to me, so how come Holder isn’t all over this?

    • Well, apparently the correct response when you see a video you don’t like, is to riot, murder, etc.

      But, we all know hate can only come from one source.

  7. This sort of thing has been going on for decades. It’s part of the over-all war on Western civilization. If you hate America, you hate its founding and its infrastructure, and if you hate its founding and its infrastructure you hate men.

    The University of Idaho student FM radio station was playing militant lesbian, anti-man hate music pretty regularly back in the 1980s, along with the pro-communist Pacifica News feed, and things were well under way long before that. Sometimes the man-hating and capitalist-hating were in the same song.

    I was exposed to this filth as an emotionally vulnerable teenager in the 1970s, and it had a definite impact on me. I’m over it now, but I can see how it corrodes and de-moralizes, which of course is its purpose. Poke, prod, poke, prod, jab, and see who you can irritate and discourage, outrage, etc., until they act, and then you blame them for it, using it as proof that they’re crazy and dangerous like you’ve been saying all along. It’s a version of Fast & Furious, really– when your hateful assertions are untrue, you set out to MAKE them true. It happens at all levels, probably in your own household or place of work.

  8. Taking a scientific look at this lady’s thoughts…… Her proposal includes castration, prison and possibly murder (population reduction) for males. She seems to think the surviving males in prison will be pleased to be glorified for breeding purposes and taken care of by the state. She also believes the heterosexual women will learn to love other women. This lady’s inability to realize how the heterosexual population will feel shows us she doesn’t have any empathy for others. I am not saying she refuses to have empathy, she CAN’T feel empathy for others. Thus she makes ridiculous proposals expecting others to go along with it and she will be frustrated that the rest of society won’t submit to her. There is a personality disorder associated with this condition. I am pretty certain the young lady is a psychopath. A psychopath cannot feel empathy for others and finds it impossible to view things from another persons perspective. That is why she is saying absurd things and fully expecting others to agree with her.

    Lets look at her motive…. As a psychopath lesbian, she probably has difficulty with relationships. Women nearly always want their lovers to empathize with them very early or the relationship goes nowhere. This woman can’t empathize, so she is sexually frustrated. Most of the hot chicks she knows are attracted to men. Thus if she could eliminate all men and the heterosexual women all turned into lesbians, she would have more lovers to chose from.

    A normal person would not consider murder or genocide to fulfill their sexual desires, but a psychopath wouldn’t hesitate if they thought they could get away with it. If castrating, imprisoning, and eliminating men would make her life a little better, a psychopath would not be able to see a downside. Therefore, I believe the lady is simply a frustrated lesbian psychopath attempting to eliminate men out of jealousy. She may do something stupid someday and end up in prison, or she may do like other psychopaths and go into law, banking or business management where she can blend in and live a frustrated and miserable life with few if any friends.

  9. I suspect that she and the rest of her ilk would not be very happy with the way her game WOULD actually end as opposed to how they think/feel it SHOULD end.

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