Quote of the day—AWR Hawkins

The report begins with the fairly innocuous idea of to removing “loopholes” where they exist between states and the federal government regarding information on the mentally ill. But after that, the focus turns to confiscation…

Five ideas, four of which deal with gun confiscation or gun bans. Is this really the “rational middle ground”?

AWR Hawkins
August 16, 2014
Report: Giffords, Kelly’s Gun Control Group Now Pushing Temporary Gun Confiscation
[As usual, they keep trying to push us down a slippery slope.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—AWR Hawkins

  1. As I keep trying to point out to those who support “gun control”, we are in the “middle ground”, and arguably have been since 1934, if not beforehand.

    Mind you, I do not think we are anywhere near the actual middle between the two opposing extremes, but we are definitely between those two positions.

    And, personally, I am tired of giving up something in exchange for… nothing.

    • Ultimately, we’ve been giving up something in exchange for some little bit of peace and quiet before they come back for more, and every time a new law/infringement gets passed with no old ones being relaxed/repealed, it moves even further from the mythical “middle ground.” (I’m starting to believe it’s mythical; you and I have never seen it, and neither have they, but they won’t stop talking about it.)

      But I agree: we’ve been in the so-called “middle ground” for a long, long time.

  2. It is very, very simple. If you start with that insane assumption that there is a “gun problem” (rather than a criminal problem, moral problem, etc.) then everything you come up with as a solution will also be insane. Logically and morally, it is exactly the same as obsessing over possible solutions to the “witch problem” or the “Jewish problem”. It is insanity. It will never turn out well. It CANNOT turn out well.

    “Garbage in, garbage out”. It is a law of nature and cannot be altered or abolished.

  3. Five ideas, four of which deal with gun confiscation or gun bans. Is this really the “rational middle ground”?

    Well, there is that one idea out of the five that doesn’t directly propose confiscations or bans. That makes it a “compromise” in their minds.

    The answer to the question, “What do we (gun owners) get in return?” doesn’t enter in, except for the historical standard: “We’ll let you keep the rest. For now.

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