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Guns are the gateway drug to rightwingerism.

They were for me.

the snarkster
January 25, 2014
Comment to The Washington Post’s Readers Are Already Freaking Out At Having to See the Volokh Conspiracy in Their Little Cocooned Cult
[There is more than a little truth to this. With gun ownership many realize they can handle responsibility and have the ability to take care of themselves and their family. I’m not certain I agree this is called “right wing” but it’s opposed to “left wing” which many on the left label “right wing”.—Joe]


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    • Guns showed me how biased and misleading MSN was. I would say they’re a gateway to reason.

      • Agreed. I didn’t care less (and spared even less thought) about politics before I started reading up on guns. Not just gun rights…how to operate, handle safely, clean, maintain, grip, stand, shoot, sight, etc etc etc. The 2nd Amendment was always there in all my bloggy research, which clued me in to the battle for our rights. And I started thinking about it myself, reading arguments from both sides and analyzing what they were saying. And I found that the liberals had bombastic emotion and angsty touchy-feely anger to offer, whereas those on the side of liberty offered facts, statistics, concrete examples and proof. Works for me.

  1. “Guns are like gays. They seem scary and lots of people don’t like them and some want to ban them, but you get kinda protective of them when you have one in your house”

    • That is a GREAT line. I’m saving that one in my collection of excellent quotes. Thanks JT.

  2. In classic 20th century European parlance, “Right wing” means Fascist and way over to the other side, “left wing” means communist. To my way of thinking they’re the same thing– authoritarian. Anti liberty. The American left has classically used the terms in the European sense, and so they avoid falling into the trap of having to deal with reality. They don’t want to be thought of as communists or Fascists, so they use “Progressive” (again; same thing) or “liberal” which they aren’t.

    “With gun ownership many realize they can handle responsibility and have the ability to take care of themselves and their family.”

    Exactly, and they also very quickly realize that gun restrictions are insane and outright punitive, and thus they begin to realize that our American ideals of liberty actually have a lot of good and rational thought behind them.

    Note also that the left has been gnashing its collective teeth over what to do about the problem (as they see it) of rural citizens. They want to nudge people into the cities. There’s a very good reason why they’re concerned about it, and it goes along the very same lines– People who live closer to the land and farther apart also tend to be more self-reliant, i.e. less dependent, and so they’re in a much better position to realize that government interference stands in the way of achievement and advancement far more than it can ever really help anything. In cities people get accustomed to asking permission from government before they can do anything. It’s an excellent training ground for new zombies.

    That’s why we see the left disparaging both gun owners and rural dwellers. Once we realize that we don’t need government “help” their power begins to evaporate.

    • “Fascist” is “right” only for the POV of an advocate of international communism. Mussolini and Hitler advocated communism, but only within the bounds of a nation — calling it “national socialism”. Stalin called national socialism a “right deviancy” and from him the useful idiots took to calling fascism “right wing”.

      The “progressives” were fans of all three of those guys; only after WWII they had to hide their history of admiring the fascists, eugenics, etc.

      • Someone has been doing his homework.

        “Progressive” also refers to a slow, incremental march toward communism, as opposed the more usual method of violent revolution, which is why I refer to Progressives as incremental communists. To the ignorant rank and file however, the word means “advanced” or “enlightened” or “open-minded” so it allows them to feel good about not knowing that they’re advocating mass oppression, stagnation, destruction and mass death. It also allows to them to refer to conservatives as “Fascists” and compare them to Hitler while advocating the same things Hitler and Mussolini advocated.

        When my Progressive brother-in-law called GW Bush a “Fascist” then, I could not disagree with him. The Bush family are Progressives. They’re just not as openly radical and openly hungry for suppression and destruction as your average Democrat. Brother-in-law was perplexed.

        • Further, fiscal policy to support jobs and the working/middle classes was a plank of the 1920 National Socialist German Workers’ Party platform and I shut up a raging socialist neighbor once by agreeing that the American government was fascist. She didn’t press the issue so I didn’t have to explain that every stimulus package, every special tax exemption, every law that is intended to mold consumer spending, and every subsidy for green this or that was fiscal policy and therefore fascist.

      • Neil Smith pointedly refers to “left wing socialists” and “right wing socialists” — which are pretty much indistinguishable in their hatred of liberty. An example of the former is Obama; an example of the latter is Nixon. An example of either — which nicely illustrates there is no real difference — is Bloomberg.

  3. Starting a business is another, very powerful “gateway” to libertarianism. Once you begin to run into the countless roadblocks placed in front of you by government, and the increased expenses and taxes placed on a business, plus the consumer “protection” infrastructure that favors deadbeats in al matters of credit, debt, small claims law and bankruptcy law, plus labor law, codes, licensing and reporting requirements, bid assessment biases, property taxes on tools fixtures and equipment, depreciation schedules, B&O tax, unemployment and FICA taxes, and endless other hurdles seemingly designed (and often in fact specifically designed) to make you fail or give up in frustration, you realize very quickly why our economy isn’t booming. “Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out”, Baby.

    You’ll NEVER understand the full impact of social engineering and Progressivism in general until you own a business upon which you rely for your sustenance. No one will. This is one of the profound, untold and yet critically important stories of modern times.

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