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  1. Inquiring minds need to know.

    Does a AR15 w/ a 20″ barrel attract more women than an SBR? What about caliber choice? Does a 6.8SPC work as a better lure over the dinky 5.56? If so, than a 458 Socom ought to really draw them in.

    What about a “shoulder thing that goes up”? Do women swoon at the very sight?

    I sense the need for a gov’t study on this phenomenon.

  2. I’ve had two different women independently tell me it was really “hot” to see me shoot a rifle.

    It both cases it was an AR-15 carbine with iron sights. But I don’t think the type of rifle matters that much. I’ll ask the next time I see one of them or maybe get them to comment here.

    Neither of them expressed any “disappointment” afterward.

  3. You have a 6 month backlog. Maybe time for Markley Monday Multiples? Markley Mercridi?

  4. Completely agree that the right kind of man shooting a rifle is very hot. And no, the kind of rifle doesn’t make a difference.

  5. Amber Callipo, at least, is admitting that guns are sexy. This may be something.

    As far as “the right man” with this or that rifle; I tend to doubt whether it’s the rifle, a table saw, a computer, etc. that is the attractive part of the combination. In other words I would think that “the right man” would be the attraction, regardless, but what do I know? I’ve been “the wrong man” most of my life, and then we’d have to discuss what it is, exactly, that attracts “the right woman”. The wrong woman will tend to be attracted to the wrong man every time, thinking him the right man only because she’s the wrong woman. It’s not complicated.

    • In the case of both Barb L. and the other woman the comment was that the rifle “really did something” to improve the attraction. There was attraction already but the rifle significantly turned up the heat.

      • My thesis is that it might just as well have been a welder, or a jackhammer, or pretty much anything, as in the song lyrics, “I love the way she wears her dress”. It ain’t the dress, Man, and such standards are shallow at best, and so the woman, or man, of your dreams becomes a nightmare of schemes.

        I’m certainly capable of accepting that I could be totally wrong, but attraction is a funny (as in unpredictable) thing. The gun connotes power, of a kind, and some people are attracted to power (or strength) for reasons that could be good or very bad. Notorious murderers have been known to receive multiple marriage proposals while in prison, for example; not something to recommend seeking certain kinds of attraction. Some chicks are insanely attracted to gangsters too, no doubt (and the “insanely” bit would obviously be redundant). The “right man” or “right woman” will therefore be entirely missed, or specifically rejected, by such folks, but then, what is “the right man” for an insane woman? I can’t answer that one, and can’t even try. Was Clyde Barrow the “right man” for Bonnie Parker? History says no, but it depends on your metric, your meaning of “right”. One could argue that Barrow wasn’t a man at all.

        I suppose this is where I get told to lighten up.

  6. Luring her out to the range to shoot your EBR is all well and good, but when it transpires that you have no ammo due to the national shortage, it begins to look like the old dodge of “running out of gas” at inspiration point.

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