Quote of the day—Don B. Kates

Senator Schumer, America’s leading anti-gun legislator has just confessed that there are not enough votes to pass his universal background check bill. But what if there were? How futile is a proposal to have background check on all NEW guns sales for a nation which already has an estimated backlog of 319 million? Well, if  that were adopted today, and Senator Schumer lived to be 400 years old there would still be upwards of 300 million guns for which there were no background checks.

Don B. Kates
June 11, 2013
Futile, Stupid Gun Control Proposals
[Background checks are just a first step. Schumer and everyone of any intelligence on both sides of the gun control debate know this. And most everyone knows background checks are pointless. Registration and, ultimately, confiscation are the real goals.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Don B. Kates

  1. Read Schumer’s Bill. It’s NOT just a background check bill. It takes the first, serious steps toward the usual Socialist prohibitions on now-legal behaviors with firearms. If Joe Gunowner never bought another gun and changed none of his now-legal habits with already-owned guns, he becomes a Federal Felon under these new laws.

    An example: EVERYTHING you do with your gun becomes a Federal matter. If you allow anyone to handle your gun outside of your presence, that’s a “transfer”, and because you didn’t do it through an FFL, you’re a felon. This law would make anyone who accepts custody of a gun to repair it, upgrade it or even clean or appraise it, a felon. Those people have to all become licensed Manufacturer FFLs.

    The Bill is a nightmare.

    Chuck the Schmuck knows he can’t regulate possession of the 400 million guns, but he also knows he doesn’t have to. Instead, of seizing them, he will just make their usual use illegal.

  2. “It’s a good first step.”
    Except that it’s not. It’s the 203,477th-ish* step, and they damn well know it. They just have to lie and CALL it a “good first step”. Otherwise low-information voters will know that it’s not a new “conversation” – they’ve been working at it for decades.

    * – Number completely fabricated, like most of the Left’s statistics.

  3. But I thought Schumer was already 400 years old.

    I have vowed to throw parties when he, Feinstein, and Bloomberg each bite the dust. Oh, and the POTUS and VPOTUS, too. All are enemies of freedom and the Constitution.

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