Quote of the day—Christopher Burg

@linoge_wotc @moms_no I’m only in the discussion for entertainment. People who say they oppose guns but want to use them by proxy amuse me.

Christopher Burg (@ComradeBurg)
Tweeted June 4, 2013
[I confess that I get a certain amount of amusement from it as well but it is mixed with a bit of concern. They frequently advocate ruthlessness be employed by their proxies in the application of those guns against me and other innocents.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Christopher Burg

  1. This goes back to what seems to be a principle of the universe: If you can’t fight real evil you wind up fighting tiny evils, but with the same zeal you should be applying to the big stuff. Therefore you get great force and violence applied against innocents.

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