Barb learns to fight with a knife

As a birthday present I gave Barb L. a Syderco Delica knife and a one day Defensive Folding Knife class from Insights Training.

This video was taken when she learned what she could do with it on a piece of meat covered with two layers of clothing:

There was also a birthday card, cake, dinner, and some other things included but this is the portion of her birthday most on topic for this blog (and suitable for public consumption).

Slightly off topic is that the Instructor is someone I have talked about numerous times on this blog. Here are some posts that mention him. There are others as well:

Barb and I had lunch with John and we had an interesting conversation. He has had some unusual jobs recently. Some were extremely boring, but that was actually part of the interesting part.

Update: The second link to the QOTD by John has been fixed.


2 thoughts on “Barb learns to fight with a knife

  1. Good on you for your gift and Barb L. for using it. Despite being a serious subject, I almost laughed out loud as I initially misread the title as being that Barbie (the doll) was learning to fight with a knife. Ken had better watch his step.

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