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When you blame objects instead of actions, there’s always a new object to blame…

My Gun Culture (@mygunculture)
Tweeted on May 15, 2013
[The more cynical among us will claim this is intentional. Controllers need laws to make more criminals so they can control people easier. I tend to think people like this are just stupid and/or have mental problems.—Joe]


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  1. I must be among the more cynical then. Another way of looking at it is that certain people, many people, must avoid basic principles at all cost, for to face them is to face one’s own dire failings or lose one’s identity. So when looking at ways to “fix” the world they must look in all the wrong places because they must NOT look at First Principles. That behavior many very well take on the appearance of a very calculated scheming for power by making more and more things illegal, and it is, but just not via the exact process way we may think.

    It’s really that “All One Thing” I’ve mentioned before. Some people seek “liberation” from the constricting aspect of basic principles, while others seek liberation from nit-picking nanny-staters who avoid basic principles. Each way of thinking (and living) is truly and fundamentally threatened by the other. Each side is oppressed by the mere existence of the other and seeks liberation.

    This is brought clearly to the surface in comments such as Obama’s telling us that we’re “gumming up the works”. He longs to be “free”, and we’re just in the way, but what he actually seeks to free from are the basic principles of justice, equality and liberty. Those who happen to uphold those principles are merely the best and most obvious targets., You can tap a person’s phone lines or e-mail, or demand extra paperwork from them via the IRS, and you can outlaw big sodas, but you can’t intimidate or kill a principle.

    Ultimately, those on the left are at war with themselves, but as long as they have other people to blame for their problems, they can avoid facing that fact. When they run out of scapegoats, like Hitler and Jones did, finding themselves alone with their pathology, they tend to blow their own brains out.

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