Quote of the day—Remy Marco

You are a small man who needs to hold a gun to make you feel like a man because you are such a pussy. Clinging to your guns, with fear in your heart that the big, bad, govt will take them away must leave you sleepless many nights. How fucking pathetic can you possibly be.

Why don’t you do us all a favor and stick your gun in your mouth and blow your brains out.

Remy Marco
Email to Connecticut Carry on May 8, 2013.
[Another example of a violent anti-gunner. It’s in their nature.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Remy Marco

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  2. It’s a threefer. It has Markley’s Law, a tin foil hat accusation and a death wish. If supporters of the SECOND amendment are that bad, how bad are supporters of the very FIRST amendment?

    And yet again there is no mention of women who carry guns. Do they keep weapons only to make themselves feel like real women and to oppose the government or might they possibly have some other reasons? How can we get the antis to comment on women gun owners? Why does it seem to be only white men? What is the left hiding?

    The quote is nonsense because it is a programmed response rather than the result of any insight. If we’re going to get anti self defense comments about women and minorities who carry guns, they’ll have to come from the programmers. The rank and file ‘bots like Remy Marco can only blurt out small quips like “small penis!!” in the meantime.

  3. Crap like this certainly negates the anti’s claim about needing to get rid of guns to eliminate suicides, too. If all gun owners are, by definition, evil bad people.(who merely express that evil by buying guns) and if having a gun in the home greatly increases the chance that it will be used on the owner (either by suicide or “gun crime”) then I would think that the antis should be ENCOURAGING gun purchases. After all, with widespread gun ownership by us unstable paranoid right wingers, we should all be wiped out within a generation or two. Isn’t that what they want?

    • Isn’t that what they want?

      I think they’d rather see .gov kill us all. It would be more satisfying for them.

  4. The gun issue is all about compensation. Little men like Remy Marco want to force people not to live full lives with a variety of interests–since Remy and other swine like him are only half alive, spending their lives making threats on the computer they know they’ll never have to back up. Since they lack the courage to exercise said force themselves, they compensate by getting a really big government to exercise force for them.

    Remy is probably right that he doesn’t need a gun to feel like a man, however, since I suspect that his fights are carefully picked with women, children, and disabled men.

  5. Sorry asshole I’m a rather big burly guy that would squash you like a bug as sport. I like guns and have no sleepless nights because I trust very few people and am capable of protecting myself as opposed to shriveled dick butt munchers like yourself. I have already wasted more time on you ,you pathetic parasite then you are worth.

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  7. What do the CB radio and the internet have in common?

    They encourage immature cowards to say things that they’d never have the sack to repeat to someone’s face.

    Hey, Remy, why don’t YOU do us all a favor and seek some psychological help for your patently obvious inadequacy issues?

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