Quote of the day—Tim Wadsworth

There’s an overall increase in sense of well-being that comes with engaging in sex more frequently, but there’s also this relative aspect to it. Having more sex makes us happy, but thinking we are having more sex than other people makes us even happier.

Tim Wadsworth
April 2013
Keeping up with the Joneses? Having more sex than your friends makes you happier, study finds
[Well duh!

I just hope no tax money was used to do his study. But it’s difficult to imagine any private investors sponsoring such a thing so it probably many taken at the point of a gun.

There is in interesting angle about this. People are made happy if they are better off than their neighbors. Or, put another way, people are less happy if their neighbors are better off than them. The progressives/communists prey upon this unhappiness and offer to bring the haves down to the level of the have-nots.

So when the communists get their way and everyone has equal material possessions and people are still not equally happy because of disparate quality or quantity of sex what will they advocate for then? Will people with super model appearances be required to “share” with the “less fortunate”?—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tim Wadsworth

  1. The supermodels have to boink the commissars.

  2. Perhaps that explains the Markley’s Law thing. The anti-gunners can’t bear the thought of someone actually enjoying a pleasant afternoon of hunting or target shooting, so they have to compensate for that by imagining that we all have small dicks – hence less sex. They are better equipped than us, and we’re so unhappy about it that we have to resort to mechanical substitutes.

    If a study could be done (at taxpayer expense of course) that actually did measurements and found that gun owners (even the women) had, on average, bigger dicks than anti-gunner, that would really blow their minds.

  3. Defens, you are probably right, but half of the concept expressed in your last sentence is just too horrifying to think, but yes, I do look forward to the opportunity to blow some minds of the anti-liberty gun-grabbers with some study or other. Because remember, Leftists love to say, “Studies show. . .”

    • True, but their use of the word “studies” can be extremely, well, liberal. Regardless, I’m not sure there is any amount of truth you could hit certain people with that could change their minds. A person either has objectivity or lives by some other standard, and so if the standard is not objectivity then simple truths will not penetrate. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. See how I worked “penetrate”, “peg” and “hole” into one paragraph?

  4. Does that mean you look to some other person or persons as the means to your gratification or the source of your feelings of well being?

    That sense of well being, I submit, is not only temporary but false. You said it– It’s a “sense” of well being rather than actual well being. Drugs do that too, and like drugs, the more you get it the more you want it and the more you feel you need it.

    As I had it explained to me;
    You’ll feel you deserve it, and you’ll press upon your wife, thinking something like “who are you to deny me my sense of well being”? Now she becomes your aperitif, your desert, your meat patty, your ice cream sundae, feeding you your ego and your temporary sense of well being. But it’s never enough. Sooner or later she begins to resent it, and eventually she hates you for it. Next she’ll feel guilty for hating you, and she’ll try to assuage her guilt by ceding to your demands, and then it’s a vicious circle and she ends up wanting to kill you or commit suicide. Some version of this describes the majority of marriages, and when children are involved the pathology is implanted in them. You’ll wonder why they’re lashing out, or making horrible choices, when the source of the problem is you. You’ll tend to want to take them to specialists, or even get them onto prescription drugs for depression, when all along the problem was you and you couldn’t see it. On the surface you’re doing all the right things, and have all the right intentions, but the whole problem, the whole set of problems, stems from your looking to people places and things for your gratification. And is there a bit of projection happening on my part? Uh, yup. And I see it EVERYWHERE.

    This is the problem with our whole country. As you love to be loved by other people, you want to be wanted, and need to be needed, so too do those in government. Only it gets much worse. They seek willing servants, but they’ll settle for coerced servants if they have to. It’s one or the other. This is why they prefer weakness over strength in the population. They prefer cowardice, confusion and intimidation over courage, awareness and resolve.

    On the other hand, if you have the real love that comes not from another person or persons but from within, you have actual well being rather than a false and temporary sense of well being. You won’t look to any other person, place or thing for love or well being because you have it already. It’s always with you, and so it flows from you rather than needing to flow to you. Your wife benefits from that in many ways. Now you’re giving her real love instead of pressing her for the false love that is servitude. The children see it too and they benefit accordingly.

    You want to fix the country? There is no political solution, no engineering solution, no legal solution, no economic solution and no medical solution. It starts with that one, simple thing without which there is no fix.

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