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Some other blogger, sorry but I can’t find the post, Robb recently said something about communists/socialists/liberals/progressives/whatever-they-call-themselves-these-days have as a basic premise that the people in general are so incompetent that they must have a strong, near all-powerful government/central-committee to govern their lives. But then they expect these same incompetent people to wisely elect, from within the general population, superior beings to govern them. That doesn’t exactly make sense.

That is all well and good as far as it goes but I think it can be further extended. In fact I suspect there are numerous examples of the following even though I don’t have direct evidence to support it.

Since the people doing the electing are so incompetent as to not be able to manage their own affairs then it must be completely beyond hope to for them to be able to distinguish who should be their rulers.

Hence one concludes that it is a logical necessity that those who would be rulers must assume their rightful role without concerning themselves with obtaining the consent of the governed.

It’s just common sense.


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  1. Yes, that DOES seem to pretty much summarize the whole “thought” process of the statists pretty well. Have to steal, er, remember that….

  2. It is a pretty simple, logical progression. If we’re too incompetent to run our own businesses, manage our own finances, provide for the education of our own kids, eat right, select the right means of transportation, use energy as we wish, posses guns, et al, why on Earth should be we be allowed to select our public servants? Leaving such a critically important selection to the vagaries of the electorate would make no sense from the viewpoint of the authoritarian mindset. It would be intolerable.

    If any of you still do not understand the absolute monster we’re up against, you’re about to find out in the worst way. The machine is already built. They’re just putting the finishing touches on it, and it’s about to be turned on.

  3. No problem. I got your consent of the governed right here. Boxes and boxes of it.

  4. Well, the Statists do need the Consent of the Governed to GAIN Political Power in the First Place, but once they get enough, then it’s just a matter of time before they rig the system to STAY in Power. Just look at New York, Kalifornia, Illinois, et.al.

    But what’s Scary is the fact that they are using a “Vision” for their Utopian State, instead of Reality. And like most of the Delusional, they WILL react with Hatred and Vitriol towards those who keep trying to throw “Cold Water” on them and wake them up.

    And of course, they are led by those who are really Power Hungry Elitists who do know the Facts, yet they continue to use their “Useful Tools” to maintain and gain more Power.

    But what’s Terrifying is the Few who KNOW the Facts, but still insist on “Building Utopia BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.” And if they have the Money and the Power, they don’t give a Damn about the Law or the Constitution or the Republic.

    People like Mickey Bloomberg come to mind. And he and his Ilk will not Stop unless they are Stopped.

    Hopefully by the Law.

    But be prepared. If they ever feel the time is right to use Deadly Force on a Mass Scale to “Build their Dream,” they WILL go for it.

  5. So…where can I get a ticket to Grainne? This planet seems doomed. Doomed doomed doomie doom doomed. Sigh.

  6. Haven’t you noticed how whoever is their current standard bearer is the Model of Perfection In All Things? And how the Enemy of the Moment is the Embodiment of All Evil? They have some serious devotion for fuhrerprinzip; the modern left is NOT a mentally, emotionally, or politically healthy crowd.

    • It’s the pecking order. Every bully was a coward before he was a bully. He’s a coward still. Every bully is strong before the weak and weak before the strong. All such infected persons take their place in the pecking order, the chain of command in the gang structure they see as the real world. They therefore look up to and exalt the Masters above them, fantasizing about taking their place in the Order, wishing for attention from the Masters. It is the age old game of worship and servitude. Those lower down in the Order worship those above, longing for their power. All worship The One at the top. He represents everything they aspire to be. He is the hero, the Don, the Ultimate. He rewards them by smiting their common enemies, accepting them as they are in their broken state and giving them tokens from the spoils, thereby exalting them. “Obama Phone!” It doesn’t get any better. He is God, or as the actor, Jaime Fox put it, “Our Lord and Savior.”

      Yeah; it ain’t good.

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