Quote of the day—Paul Waldman

And if you’re anxious about your masculinity, if you aren’t quite sure whether those around you find you sufficiently strong and potent, the Bushmaster corporation has an answer for you. If you buy one of their semi-automatic rifles — like the kind Adam Lanza used to murder 20 children and six adults last week — you may “Consider your Man Card reissued.”

Paul Waldman
December 21, 2012
Not man enough? Buy a gun
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Paul Waldman

  1. So, what if some lucky gentleman (a woman would never need one, because who wants a chick with a… ya know…) should purchase two of said rifle? Is he now twice the man he used to be? Or does he have two… ya know…

  2. You’re assuming it is a “parallel” compensation, what it it is actually a “series” compensation? Can one then use combinations of series and parallel to add length and girth.. I don’t understand their rules, they are not logical.

  3. I guess that if you consider yourself an un-manly, weak, helpless quivering blob of jelly, you can vote to have someone else protect you from all forms of danger. But then what about people’s Woman Cards? Why do the Paul Waldmans always leave the women out of the conversation?

    You know that Paul Waldman wants a gun. He’s just having a difficult time dealing with it. There’s the envy angle. When someone desires and hates something at the same time, there’s always envy involved. John Ross did an excelent job of explaining this phenomemon back in the 1990s, and it applies to all sorts of things and activities. You see a guy with a nice ariplane and; “WELL! What’s HE trying to prove?” It could be anything the envying person cannot see himself actually doing or being able to afford, or being able to explain to his peer group., etc., so for self protection he has to make it into something stupid or evil. Now he’s better than THOSE people who actually have it or do it.

    • And there you have it – Boomstick Envy. It really should be included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

  4. Anyone bother to look at the “bits and pieces” of the so-called ad upon which Nanc–I mean Paulie, claims he relied upon to write his drivel? Of course he claims the original was taken down and thus, no one could see who really posted it, but the bits and pieces posted by Paulie, were a very crude rendition of every Lefty anti-gun-myth you could imagine. Pretty damned funny, even for obvious fakery!

  5. Didn’t I read somewhere that the eeevil “assault weapon”(no such thing actually, but I’ll let that slide) used by that drug-taking wacko in Newtown was still in the trunk of his car when the local police finally got around to checking the car?

    • Everything points to the shooter only leaving the Saiga-12 shotgun in the trunk of the car. What I want to know is, who were the other people they arrested? There was talk of someone in the woods nearby, what where they chased down for? Was there surveillance cameras inside the school? I know it would be quite disturbing to see, but if there was surveillance why have they not shown anything? Too many questions, not enough answers…

  6. Then little Pauly must own an arsenal. Because it is obvious that his penis is real teeny tiny.

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