Gun Appreciation Day

January 19, 2013 has been declared Gun Appreciation Day.

When I first heard about this, via an email from Ray Carter, Director of Development, at SAF, the first thought that came to mind was, “I really should clean some of my guns.” That is especially true of the ones that I didn’t clean after shooting them months ago. If they were sentient they would appreciate it.

But that isn’t what this is really about. It’s about sending a message to politicians. And some of our politicians really need to get the message.


2 thoughts on “Gun Appreciation Day

  1. January 19 is the Saturday before Martin Luther King day, and some years, it is the day MLK day falls on. What was the name of the group in the South around the time of the church bombings in the 60’s? Justice League of Righteous Men? It seems to me they need some appreciation, too, or MLK would have been martyred long before his I-have-a dream speech.
    It is also the birthday of the man who ended the siege at Harper’s Ferry by John Brown, who agonized over the choice of whether to answer his requirement of loyalty to state or nation, and whose estate was made into a cemetery so that he would never live there again. .

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