This is what happens in places without guns—Case XXV

Via Barron.

From the U.K. New Jersey (Thanks ubu52, Barron said U.K. and I didn’t read my own copy and paste of the article, sorry about that) where guns are not allowed. Hence two young thugs can beat up on an old homeless guy without fear of meaningful self-defense or someone else defending their innocent victims:

A pair of cruel youths wished a bloody homeless man ‘Merry Christmas’ after brutally beating him and stealing his bicycle near the New Jersey shore.

Police tracked down and arrested 20-year-old Taylor Giresi and his 17-year-old cameraman after the boys posted a video of their crimes in two videos on YouTube.

The footage shows Giresi stalking through the woods in Wall Township, New Jersey, after declaring: ‘About to go beat up this bum.’


‘About to be a knockout,’ the 17-year-old responds with a laugh, according to an account by the Asbury Park Press.


4 thoughts on “This is what happens in places without guns—Case XXV

  1. I just don’t get it. Its not the wanton violence that I do not understand, it is not the selection of a weak and helpless victim, it is not that they get a kick out of violence like this and thus do it for fun, it is not that they would brag about it to others (within their own circle). What I do not get is how can they apparently be so friggin stupid as to post something like that on YouTube.

    I think that if guilty, they both deserve a good jailhouse ass kicking themselves now, then maybe a good caning or horse whipping by authorities. After that they both deserve at least 10 years each, no chance for an early out.

    All thbe best,

  2. This didn’t happen in the UK. It happened in New Jersey. (Asbury Park is Bruce Springsteen’s stomping grounds!)

    This kind of thing has been going on in the USA for several years now. It happens in states with very loose gun control too (like Florida).

  3. I screwed the pooch on that one too. I skimmed it quickly and just posted the tweet in a rush.

    That was a fail on the attention to detail on my part.

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