They can’t hold a candle to a gun

As pointed out by Sebastian Bitter the Brady Campaign had a “big announcement”. While it’s overstating things a bit to say, “Yes, they want you to light a candle. Because candles will stop violence.” it’s not overstating it by very much.

It’s the Brady Campaign’s latest effort to dance in the blood of victims. And it’s a very pathetic effort too.

They literally say, “Imagine stopping a bullet before it kills a child. Impossible? Not with your help! All across America people are coming together to save lives from preventable gun violence. Will you join them, and the Brady Campaign, as we host a nationwide candlelight vigil to honor victims of gun violence?”

“Coming together to save lives” with candles? Saying “No” over the sights of a firearm works much better.

And many of the locations ban the use of real candles!

As pathetic as that is there is even more pathetic information between the lines on their web site.

They list a number of locations where you can join in a “National Candlelight Vigil”. The interesting thing is they only list 28 locations in 15 states. There are no events in many of the cities and states where they claim to have chapters. This includes the supposed chapter in Arizona! This state in particular is significant because the event date, January 8th, was chosen as the anniversary of the shooting of Tucson, Arizona shooting in which Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was severely wounded and six people were killed.

Here are the supposed Brady chapters that are not listed as participating in this “big event”:

If those “chapters” can’t find enough people willing to show up and hold a candle for a few minutes then they don’t have the capacity to accomplish any real task. They are nothing more than specks of ASCII text adrift in the galactic Internet.

As an organization they are in the process of collapsing. This is good but we need to drive them into political extinction, organizational bankruptcy, and then mock, shame, and shun the individuals into the dustbin of history.


5 thoughts on “They can’t hold a candle to a gun

  1. Janelle’s pissed since their vigil is her birthday. She asks, “What about all the other people who weren’t killed by firearms?”

    Then I pointed out, “Well with what Joe just said it appears that their vigil will be an inevitable failure.”

    Her response, “So in other words my birthday will add yet another nail to their coffin. Their demise becoming that much more solid and assured. That works as a birthday present.”

  2. I was thinking about lighting fireworks by using a gun to celebrate liberty. Should be fun.

  3. “And many of the locations ban the use of real candles!”


    An organization dedicated to violating human rights has a ban on that which made civilization possible– the harnessing of fire.

    Maybe we’ll need an organization dedicated to preserving the right of Mankind to to use fire– the NFAILA (National Fire Association’s Institute for Legislative Action).

  4. Wow. 5 in California and not a single vigil in Oakland, the site of 30% of California’s “gun” murders.

    I guess black folks don’t count.

  5. That one was Bitter… Sebastian has been too busy arming the escape pod from the new job from hell 🙂 Good news is that it’s going very well.

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