Lead contaminated tin foil hat?

This article (also found here) via email from Jon at work claims:

Later Friday evening, this FSB report continues, the vehicle from which the shots were fired from was located by US Secret Service, FBI and local police authorities with the AK-47 laying across the back seat with a warning note saying “Aquí está uno de los nuestros, no la suya necesitan,” roughly translated from its original Spanish meaning… “Here’s one of ours, we don’t need yours.”

The FSB states that the warning note found on the AK-47 was in direct reference to the Obama regimes gun-running efforts (known as Operation Fast and Furious) to arm the dangerous Sinaloa Cartel as it battles to gain supremacy in a Mexican Drug War that has so far cost nearly 40,000 lives.

The article goes on to invoke the CIA and claims the American people are “not being allowed to know”.


I have to wonder if there isn’t some lead in a tin-foil hat that is getting into the bloodstream of the author.


4 thoughts on “Lead contaminated tin foil hat?

  1. Psyops is not restricted to one side only in the conflict against narcotics smugglers, apparently.

  2. “No es necesario por la tuya!” There’s a good slogan for F&F from the “Southern Perspective”. ‘Course we knew that already.

  3. Hmmmm,

    If the part about the note is correct……no wonder we’re not getting any press about this guy. Well, except that he’s NOT an Occupy DC….

    I would LOVE him to go to trial and say that he shot at the White House because of F&F.

    Unfortunately, the rest of the article…..woooo boy…..

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