Unintended consequences

When possession of firearms is discouraged it is inevitable that familiarity with them decreases. And even firearm safety training is discouraged. Just look at the resistance to the Eddy Eagle program where no guns are even present!

The unintended consequence of this is accidents such as this:

A Banning woman accidentally shot her 12-year-old daughter after pulling the trigger of a miniature revolver she had mistaken for a novelty cigarette lighter, authorities said Thursday.

As soon as children go through puberty they will start experimenting with sex even if their parents keep them isolated and ignorant. There will always be recreational drugs around even if they are banned and there are police knocking down peoples doors in the middle of the night. And there will always be guns around. It is time to admit this and teach them gun safety as a standard part of growing up.

Via email from Donald W.


One thought on “Unintended consequences

  1. There are a lot of those NAA mini revolvers around. Easy to carry but easy to lose, too, I suppose. They’re actually pretty well made. I tried one in 22 Magnum at a range outside Coeur d’Alene.

    When my kids went into day care, they had all sorts of toy guns there. The kids would sometimes take one home, and I used them to teach the kids muzzle control– Rule One. By the time they were four or so, in turn, they were firing real guns.

    The caretakers once told me of another parent that was concerned about it. “Do you have real guns in the house?”

    I told them that, if asked again, their answer should be; “Oh, yes, not to worry– we are very well armed here, to be sure.” They were, too.

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