4 thoughts on “No guns for Negros

  1. May want to edit this post. “good stuff” in reference to the video could be quoted out of context, if anyone were intellectually dishonest or lazy.

  2. I was familiar with much of this argument. but did not realize that the ’68 gca was an outgrowth of this as well. Not that I was ever in favor of it (not that it made any difference; I was born well after it became “law”), but this casts it in a new light for me. My dad stopped carrying at roughly the same time the GCA passed, & I have long wondered if there was a connection…although in point of fact, truth be told, my family were slave owners…that bit was long gone by then, but still…

  3. I had just turned 13 years old when GCA68 was signed into law. I remember the debate on the news. I didn’t have a real strong opinion about it but it did concern me. I knew it would make it more difficult to buy a gun when I was older and that it wouldn’t be as anonymous as I would have liked. Of course all the murders of high level people were a concern too. But it was clear from the debate that the law wouldn’t make any difference in public safety. It was just some people in a far off place “doing something” to “make people feel better”.

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