Quote of the day—Howard Nemerov

I recently correlated Black homicide rates from the CDC with Brady Campaign report cards 2001-2007. Brady evaluated states on how well they implemented gun control laws. The result shows that more gun control correlates with higher Black homicide rates and lower Caucasian homicide rates.

Most of Brady’s reports graded states on “A” to “F”, though that’s recently been replaced with stars. In any case, it conveniently divided states into quintiles. When comparing Quintile 1 (most gun control) with Quintile 5 (least gun control), Blacks averaged 20.7% higher homicide rates in states with the most gun control, while Caucasian rates averaged 64.1% lower.

Gun control still benefits Caucasians and harms Blacks, just like it did before and after the Civil War.

Garry McCarthy just happens to be Caucasian (picture here). For that matter, so’s Brady president Paul Helmke.

Just a curious coincidence, no doubt.

Howard Nemerov
June 24, 2011
Chicago’s top cop: ‘Federal gun laws are racist’
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