You’re doing it wrong and you’re lying

The Brady Campaign has a new video and web site about “assault clips” (yes, I put the “nofollow” tag on that link). In addition to the obvious ignorant use of the words “assault” and “clip” the shooter has a  very poor grip on the gun. His left thumb is in danger of needing a bandage and/or stitches. And his left index finger is doing nothing.

Furthermore the narrator and text of the website talk of 32 shots in 16 seconds. But I only count 16 (or maybe 17) shots in 4 seconds. And of course the claim is that “A magazine that allows a gun to fire 32 rounds in 16 seconds is only good for one thing. Killing a lot of people–fast.” Is totally bogus.

In the following video I shot 17 rounds in 7.5 seconds including a magazine reload and a malfunction clearance. I then go on to shoot a total of 36 rounds in 16.02 seconds—still with 10 rounds in my magazines.

If one were to accept the Brady Campaign claim that “a magazine that allows a gun to fire 32 rounds in 16 seconds is only good for one thing” then 10 round magazines must be only good for killing a lot of people fast too. Hence, I must inevitably must conclude one of three things about the magazines in my guns which hold more 10 or more rounds:

  1. I have killed many thousands of people with the 60,000 or so rounds I have fired through these guns and no one has noticed—including myself.
  2. The magazines have continuously malfunctioned to the point of being useless for their intended purpose.
  3. The Brady Campaign is lying.

The use of Occam’s Razor should reveal the correct answer.


8 thoughts on “You’re doing it wrong and you’re lying

  1. I will believe you about “Brady” you tube video. I don’t want to watch their video and bring their count of views up past the 20 number. 😀

  2. They really play on the fear from anti gun folks…notice the target is a little girl with pig tails. I fully agree, the whole premise is bogus and I’ve tried to talk rationally to friends and family about this issue but it’s hard to get the false notions out of their heads once they are planted.

  3. Excellent argument and presentation. It is however trumped by the fact that we all have the unalienable right to keep and bear arms. Also it is a demonstrable fact that a “ban” serves only to reserve the “banned” item for exclusive use by criminals.

    Eventually of course this all comes down to push verses shove. There are those who say; “Do this, don’t do that, OR ELSE!” Then there are those of us who will say; “We’re not violating anyone’s rights. Leave us alone and mind your own business, OR ELSE!”

    This is a debate between coercion backed by brute force as our societal operating system, verses liberty as our societal operating system. I can scarcely believe that this even needs to be debated, except for the fact that we have so many talented liars among us, and so many among us that have been deceived.

    So long as we leave this issue of liberty verses coercion unresolved, we’re moving inexorably to that final chaotic showdown of force on force that we’ve seen play itself out so many times throughout history. This is why the “moderates” and those of us who stand on the sidelines and watch this deadly game are to blame almost as much as the radical communist revolutionaries we’ve allowed, in the light of day while we’ve watched, to infect our society at every level.

  4. A magazine which allows a gun to fire 32 shots in 16 seconds would also be good for killing one violent attacker really, really well. So there’s another use for high capacity “assault clips”…

  5. Where can I get pigtail targets like theirs? The rangemasters would just love that.

  6. so they want to ban effective reloading of magazines?
    wonder why they dsont want to ban magloaders too.

  7. Some may make the argument from your video: “See, you can effectively defend yourself with 10rnd mags, then why NOT ban the 33rnd mags?”

    I know the answers now:
    1- Bad Guy with [1] 30rnd mag is more likely to encounter a malfunction-inducing jam than a BG with [3] 10rnd mags. The use of more separate magazines decreases the chance that a malfunctioning magazine will render his weapon useless.
    2- Smaller capacity magazines require the user to practice reloading, which speeds up reload time. The larger capacity mag makes it less likely that the BG has practiced reloads, making him take more time. This reloading delay provides precious seconds for defenders to wrench the gun away.
    3- Extended magazines allow ripping the gun out of the shooter’s hand more manageable. There is part of the gun protruding from the bottom that a defender can grasp and lever the gun out of the shooters hands.

  8. The answer I gave in the video (not very clearly) is that carrying extra magazines is more difficult that carrying one normal capacity magazine (my first handgun used 15 round magazines).

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