Quote of the day—Suzanne Verge

I’m very concerned about the open carry movement. It seems to be expanding.

Suzanne Verge
Of the Los Angeles chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
April 6, 2011
LA City Council support ban on openly carrying guns
[Open carry as a political protest in California is the social equivalent of a gay pride march in front of Fred Phelps church. The immediate benefits are questionable and you shouldn’t expect to make many friends in the process.

In terms of firearms Suzanne Verge is the equivalent of a minor official in Phelps’ church and as shown above responds in an analogous manner.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Suzanne Verge

  1. Not a great analogy.

    Phelps’ ilk have no capability to actually legally ban any gay rights.

    I definitely support the OC movement in Cali because they have no other options and generally avoid being dicks while making their point.

    They are in a ‘damned if you do’ situation, caught between unloaded OC and variable may-issue. Heck, given the legislative situation a ban might be in their favor. Push the issue to the courts on ‘some sort of loaded carry -must- be available to the law-abiding’.

  2. Whoops.

    RTFA Carberry!

    Sorry Joe, read that as she was a Councilman.

    Analogy is spot on.

  3. I have mixed thoughts on OC as a political statement in California. I see it as high risk and high reward. I tend to be a little more risk averse than to enthusiastically support that approach.

    As a personal protection issue I fully support it.

  4. Actually, a Gay Pride march in front of Phelp’s place would be outstanding and very productive.

    Between the spontaneous combustion, brain melting,and sudden aneurysms in that group, we’d never, ever have to deal with their crap again.

  5. Good, on both counts – that she is concerned, and that the movement is expanding. We should not have to conceal the exercise of our rights, and intolerant bigots like her are always concerned when freedom is expressed.

    *shrug* I would suggest that she get used to being “concerned”, but something tells me she will just whine instead.

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