Quote of the day–William P. Hoar

The President says he believes in the Second Amendment, which one supposes is gracious of him, but in his op-ed he also snidely refers to the beliefs of those who are concerned with Second Amendment liberty as being engaged in “wedge issues and stale political debates.”

The crimes on January 8 were the killing of six people and the wounding of 13 others. The response should not be — as is usually the case with gun restrictions — for the federal government to target law-abiding Americans.

William P. Hoar
April 5, 2011
Gun Controllers Don’t Want to Waste Tucson Tragedy
[I would like to also point out that if the President really thinks the Second Amendment is a “stale political debate” then he can stop bringing up gun control and tell the Brady Campaign and their ilk he is not interested in talking to them.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–William P. Hoar

  1. While we’re disposing of stale political debate, let’s get rid of NFA ’34 and GCA ’68, et al.

    Problem is; what Our Dear Leader means by “stale political debate” is any promotion of liberty. We must end the stale debate by silencing opposition to global socialism. It’s been allowed to go on for far too long…

  2. Please do not be fooled by anything the ONE says. Pay attention to what he or his cohorts DO. Read into the deceit. These people cannot, cannot tolerate ‘guns’ in their agenda to rule the proletariat.

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