Using their own data against them

For those that regard facts, correlation, truth, and falsity important (i.e. people unlike MikeB302000 and other anti freedom people) this is an awesome article.

Here are some of the graphs to give you a hint of the content:

Obviously as gun ownership increases there is more freedom.

Gun ownership goes up when the economy of the nation is better.

Homicide has a slight negative correlation with gun ownership. But this graph doesn’t tell the complete story because it doesn’t include the murder of citizens by their governments. Nearly 100 million people were murdered by their own governments in the 20th Century. All the major genocides were enabled by strict gun control. These numbers are not included in the above graph and if included they would give the above graph a huge negative correlation.

As gun ownership goes up the corruption goes down. I find this one of the most interesting graphs. I wonder about the causation. Do corrupt government restrict gun ownership out of fear or is corruption lower because people own guns? Both? Neither?


7 thoughts on “Using their own data against them

  1. The correlation between increased gun ownership and reduced corruption, is most likely the same correlation as that of gun ownership with reduced government control in ones life.

    As government control is reduced, government corruption is reduced; as there are fewer and less lucrative opportunities for it.

  2. I would like the graphs better if “more freedom” was indicated by higher numbers, and “less corruption” was indicated by lower, but that is just a personal preference for clarity’s sake.

    It is interesting that there is effectively no correlation (0.04) between firearms and suicides as well… So much for that talking point.

  3. Joe, You forgot one of my favorites. Gun violence incidence divided by all the planets in the known universe. It shows clearly how the gun control zealots are exaggerating.

  4. I would like to see a graph of support of gun control vs. People too stupid to read a graph and/or pass a Statistics 100 level course.

  5. Weer’d, that would have a correlation above .9

    Meanwhile, the ones that react with stupid snark when their misrepresentations of statistics is revealed … .99

  6. Note how the troll cannot disprove the charts – in fact, he makes no attempt – but rather resorts only to ridiculing them and those who post them.

    And the correlation between that behavior and the realization that one has lost the point is…? 😉

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