de·MOC·ra·cy – Noun – 1. The takeover of a state government by a state employee’s union, often resulting in ever increasing tax rates, and the eventual bankruptcy of the state.

They’re actually shouting, “Freedom!  Democracy!  Unions!” as though the three were compatible, while the democrats refuse to allow a vote.  All this over a proposal that might get their 3.6 billion dollar budget deficit down to 3.3 billion.  In two years.

Via we find Noam Chomsky (yeah, that Noam Chomsky) wants what happened in Egypt to happen in Wisconsin, stating that the governor has “eviscerated” democracy in the state;

The blatant rejection of all reason is on parade.


7 thoughts on “Democracy

  1. Gotta admit I almost want to see them win so the whole rotten system goes under faster. OR let it turn actually violent with the NG killing some of the state parasites, I mean teachers. Lets face it, there is no longer any rational middle ground.

  2. The leftist leaders are counting on violence. They want it. They need it. They believe they can blame it on their opponents and that it will result in calls from the people for the feds to “do something” to deliver us from the chaos. Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out. It’s been working every time.

    They believe they are on a roll. This is the stuff their dreams are made of. What they don’t realize is that they’re just the useful idiots, serving a monster that will devour them as soon as it’s finished with them.

  3. Violence for the sake of violence . . . no real objective except disruption/destruction. Students at the protest who do not even know why they are there or what the ‘protest’ is about. A thousand “teachers” call in sick.

    Nihilism: (Merriam-Webster second definition) “… a doctrine or belief that conditions in the social organization are so bad as to make destruction desirable for its own sake independent of any constructive program or possibility”

    What is a “teacher”? We will be finding out in the days and weeks to come what a “teacher” is under our new Marxist definition.

    A “teacher” is a sheeple. A useful idiot.

    Go ahead and flame me. I have “teachers” in my family. Most fit the above definition. One does not. He quit and found something productive to to do.

  4. My wife is a public school teacher. One could say that I have a financial stake in the status quo, but that would be short sighted and stupid. I have a greater stake in the reinstatement of this country’s founding principles– an understanding and application of those principles to an unprecedented level of vigor. Besides; I know she could do at least as well teaching privately, and performing, if she put her mind to it.

    I’ve seen it done. But most of the people I knew in college who majored in education did so because it was a way to achieve some basic level of independence in a relatively short time without working too hard or worrying over much. Others among them simply weren’t able to do much of anything else. Performing groups certainly didn’t want them, so they were shuffled off into the ed programs. More usefull idiots to swell the enrollment figures, and later swell the union rolls, who will do what they’re told for the cause and not ask too many of their stupid questions. They’d plop a Sousaphone in their hands for the pre-recorded marching band performance at half-time in the Kibbie dome. Back then they were called “holders” because that’s all they could do with an instrument.

  5. Now they’re taking to the streets because that’s all they know how to do. In the past it’s always worked for them. That’s our fault. Like the spoiled children that they are, they’ll just keep escalating the nuisance level until they get their way. In a way I feel sorry for them. They are truly pathetic figures. Still; they have to be corrected or we’re all very screwed.

  6. What if we cut them a check for less than no money every time they pulled stunts like this, explaining that is what the state has in its coffers right now?

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