No one needs a magazine of bullets

Deb McMahon is exploring new depths of ignorance in regards to firearms:

The truth is that no citizen needs to have a magazine of bullets that can kill, maim and critically injure others.

The type of massacre that occurred in Arizona should never be repeated. I find it unconscionable that intelligent people would defend this kind of ammunition. There is a difference between responsible gun ownership and just giving carte blanche to anyone and everyone.

The NRA talks about hunters’ gun rights on its website. Hunters do not need a magazine of bullets to enjoy their sport.

I find it interesting that even though taken as a whole her writing is disjointed and nearly nonsensical each sentence taken by itself and out of context of the Tucson shooting comes pretty close to being intelligible. It’s as if her mind cannot span more than a dozen words and one concept at a time.

And I wonder why she thinks people have trouble distinguishing between responsible gun ownership and giving beer to anyone and everyone.


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  1. It’s a “Letter to the Editor” in a newspaper. Those are edited. It’s hard to tell what her original letter said but I suspect it might have been a lot longer.

  2. ubu52,

    So you are saying it might have been an editor that made it into something incoherent and totally ignorant of firearm functionality?

    I’m not sure this improves the situation any.

  3. As a hunter, I don’t particularly care for detachable magazines for most of my hunting arms. In fact fixed magazines are probably better for a bunch of reasons on a big game rifle. Still, companies insist on selling hunting rifles with detachable mags, sometimes without even offering a fixed version (like my XBolt). Some of that is driven by consumer preference (American civilian markets have emulated common military and police trends forever, and detachable mag rifles have been “in” for a long time). But a lot of it has to do with gun safety laws that require the rifles to be loaded and unloaded frequently. If you live in a place with lots of places that require you to handle the gun frequently and take all the ammo in and out of the rifle frequently then a detachable mag is a lot more convenient than a fixed one (or even a hinged floorplate). Yet another case of unintended consequences — without some of these gun laws there would likely be even fewer detachable mag rifles out there…

    I doubt that our political opponents realizes that the measures they support actually increase the number of detachable magazine firearms on the market. Unintended consequences, anyone?

    As a shooter, of course, I have no problem with detachable mags for other purposes. We own a bunch of PSH-inducing Infinite Capacity Death Magazines ourselves. I’m just saying that they are not ideal for some hunting applications.

  4. Hunting rifles have been made from military surplus rifles for as long as their have been firearms. My original hunting rifle was a WWII surplus British Enfield that had been “sporterized” with a shorter stock. It had a 10 round detachable magazine. It made it far simpler when I was going in for lunch to detach the mag, and unload the chamber.

    By the by — a “magazine of bullets” never killed anyone…I suppose it you threw a full magazine at someone hard enough it would really hurt their head or something, but probably wouldn’t be fatal. *rollseyes*

  5. Remember that in the mentality of these clowns, somehow the eleventh round in a pistol magazine is full of evil malevolence not found in the first ten.

    Its basically medieval era superstition.

  6. “The NRA talks about hunters’ gun rights on its website. Hunters do not need a magazine of bullets to enjoy their sport.”

    The NRA also talks about self defense rights on its website…and the professionals in self-defense–the police and the military–do need a magazine of bullets to exercise their rights. Wouldn’t it follow, then, that civilians who wish to be prepared for self defense will also have the need of a magazine of bullets?

  7. Remember that in the mentality of these clowns, somehow the eleventh round in a pistol magazine is full of evil malevolence not found in the first ten.

    And this malevolence magically disappears when the magazine is used in a firearm that is wielded by a state actor.

  8. At least they’re starting to use “magazine” to describe a magazine instead of “clip”. Still, a magazine (or a clip) of bullets is quite useless without the cases, primers and powder. I usually keep my bullets in a coffee can until I’m ready to load them into the cartridges, or into my percussion revolvers. Keeping them in a magazine seems foolish to me, as you’d have to remove them in order to load them, or you’d have to empty the magazine before you could use it for your cartridges. But maybe I just don’t get it.

    The anti human rights activists are smarter than the rest of us, after all. That’s what they often tell us, so it must be true. Maybe they make perfect sense and we’re not capable of understanding them because they’re operating at a level far, far above our mental capacity. The more they attempt to explain themselves, the more incoherent they appear to those of us of lesser ability to reason.

    I’ve seen this before. We are so stupid that we see their superior intellect as blatant stupidity and ignorance. Yeah; that’s gotta be it. Why else would they bring up hunting, while the second amendment is all about defense and the NRA was founded as a means of training the militia?

  9. With that logic… I don’t see why anyone posting anything on the Internet needs to use a keyboard with more than one key. Yes, I’m thinking the space bar should be that key. At least what they type would match the thoughts in their heads. Null, void, blank and empty.

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