Gun cartoon of the day

The more accurate answer to the question is, “Respect for fundamental rights.” But that’s a topic the liberals want to repress.


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  1. 1000 words… The calm, urbane, sophisticated, intellectual, college professor with the slightly arched eyebrow telegraphing subtlety of thought and message. His word bubble simple in its elements, and calm in presentation. His prop is presented stoically, and represents a command of language that is above average. The gun advocate? Semi-literate with poor command of the language. Sloppy, unkempt appearance and red-faced, spewing out his venom with pinched eyebrows (and no pupils in the eyes – not to be trusted), agitated mannerisms and a very obvious lack of self-control. His prop is waved around while the off hand is twitching to grab another six rounds of ‘do it my way’.

    Propaganda art at its most subtle. A well-done example of projecting the obvious right answer to the entirely wrong question.

    Facts do not matter any more…just ask the media.

  2. Thank you Newbius. I wanted to say something about that but didn’t have the right words for it. You did that very, very well.

    The gun advocate does have pupils though. They are pointing in different directions–he must be crazy.

  3. I suspect Strunk & White went out of fashion at college a long time ago, it’s very un-PC. I’ve got more recent style handbooks, they’re disgustingly PC.

  4. Darrell,

    The latest edition of Strunk & White (depicted in the cartoon) has been bowdlerized enough that it is considered acceptable. It’s pretty common, although it is by no means as universally used as it once was.

  5. In my experience at the Evergreen State College short bald men who endorsed gun ownership were rare. Normally they were “Alpha Males” among the herd of Milqtoasts.

  6. Note also that the gun advocate is dressed in red, white, and blue, clearly showing how it’s the “patriotic” folks who are the real nut-jobs.

  7. AM,

    it depends heavily on the college and the department. Some of the chem professors at WSU are quite pro-gun; in fact, you can sometimes see one of them in the range videos Mr. Huffman posts.

  8. Come to think of it, at my alma mater the senior organic chem prof is a life member of the NRA and a big-time deer/hog hunter.

  9. I wonder how many college students nowadays have even read “Strunk and White”. Maybe “Harry Potter” would be more appropriate.

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