Dino Rossi for U.S. Senate

Via email from the Apex Of the Triangle of Death:

NRA Endorses Dino Rossi for US Senate – http://www.nrapvf.org/news/Read.aspx?ID=14214&T=1
And of course NRA Washington’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/NRA-Washington-2010/121733577876147?ref=sgm

Now just a bit of background information.

  • Rossi lost the 2004 election for Washington State Governor after King County (Seattle and surrounding areas) waited until all the other counties had reported their results during the second hand recount then kept finding “lost ballots” and, according to a friend of mine, ended up reporting more total votes than there were registered voters in the county.
  • Rossi is A-rated by the NRA.
  • His opponent, Patty Murray, is F-rated by all gun groups.

Even though she has never seen a gun rights infringement she didn’t like she doesn’t mention it on her website. I wonder if she is ashamed of her involvement with those unconstitutional infringements. Or is like some other Democrats who would rather not let it be known of  their involvement in the KKK but still support the agenda?

Get involved and help get rid of the bum.


One thought on “Dino Rossi for U.S. Senate

  1. Senator Murray is a fan of “common sense” regulation. The difference between a Sen Murray in favor of “common sense” regulation of your state and federal constitutional right and a Sen Murray who would take them all away is a change of priority by her party. We have been hugely lucky winning Heller in SCOTUS by one vote, the administration (and a few of us judging by the low turnout at recent grassroots meetings) is completely absorbed by the economy. The moment they think they can’t milk more votes out of stimulus plans (note I’m not saying “when the economy gets better”) we will be back in their sites.

    So after President Obama fixes his Supreme Court, after they decide we can become their legislative priority, do you want Patty Murray or Dino Rossi representing you? It’s actually not that hard a question, just forget the accumulating environment of danger to liberty and ask yourself if Patty or Dino would -actully- represent you.

    Then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. It’s your future, you’re in charge of it, if you don’t act you’ll get what’s left.
    http://www.nraila.org/ActionCenter/GetInvolvedLocally/ -Boyd Kneeland

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